The Adventures of Pinocchio HTML version

Chapter 13
The Inn of the Red Lobster
Cat and Fox and Marionette walked and walked and walked. At last, toward
evening, dead tired, they came to the Inn of the Red Lobster.
"Let us stop here a while," said the Fox, "to eat a bite and rest for a few hours. At
midnight we'll start out again, for at dawn tomorrow we must be at the Field of
They went into the Inn and all three sat down at the same table. However, not
one of them was very hungry.
The poor Cat felt very weak, and he was able to eat only thirty-five mullets with
tomato sauce and four portions of tripe with cheese. Moreover, as he was so in
need of strength, he had to have four more helpings of butter and cheese.
The Fox, after a great deal of coaxing, tried his best to eat a little. The doctor had
put him on a diet, and he had to be satisfied with a small hare dressed with a
dozen young and tender spring chickens. After the hare, he ordered some
partridges, a few pheasants, a couple of rabbits, and a dozen frogs and lizards.
That was all. He felt ill, he said, and could not eat another bite.
Pinocchio ate least of all. He asked for a bite of bread and a few nuts and then
hardly touched them. The poor fellow, with his mind on the Field of Wonders,
was suffering from a gold-piece indigestion.
Supper over, the Fox said to the Innkeeper:
"Give us two good rooms, one for Mr. Pinocchio and the other for me and my
friend. Before starting out, we'll take a little nap. Remember to call us at midnight
sharp, for we must continue on our journey."