The Adventures of Jimmie Dale HTML version

II.16. Death To The Gray Seal!
On Jimmie Dale ran. Across on Fourth Avenue he swung on a car that took him
to Astor Place. Then striking east once more, making a detour to avoid the
Bowery, he ran on at top speed again. To reach the Sanctuary, not before the
Magpie should have spread the alarm, that was impossible, but to reach it before
the underworld should have had time to recover its breath, as it were, before the
underworld should have had time to act--that was his only chance! The Magpie
had, at the outside, a start of fifteen minutes; but he, Jimmie Dale, had probably
retrieved five minutes of that in the time he had made in getting downtown. That
left the Magpie ten to the good. How long would it take the Magpie to bring the
underworld swarming like hornets around the Sanctuary?
On Larry the Bat ran. At the Sanctuary were the clothes, the belongings of
Jimmie Dale. Could he save Jimmie Dale! If he could get there, change, and get
out again, the way was clear for him--as clear as for the Tocsin now. In a few
hours the police would have every member of the Crime Club in the trap; there
would be no watch any more around his house on Riverside Drive; and he would
be free to return there and resume his normal life as Jimmie Dale again if he
could make the Sanctuary in time! But let the Magpie get there first, let the
underworld tear the place to pieces in its fury as it would do, let them discover
that hiding place under the flooring, for instance, and the Gray Seal would not be
merely Larry the Bat, but Jimmie Dale as well, and--a cry escaped him even as
he ran--it meant ruin, the disgrace of an honoured name, death, crimes without
number at his door. Crimes! The Gray Seal had never committed a crime! But the
crimes attributed to the Gray Seal he could not disprove, not one of them! He had
meant them to appear as crimes-- and he had succeeded so well that the Gray
Seal's name, execrated, was a synonym for the most callous, dangerous, and
unscrupulous criminal of the age!
He was gasping for breath as finally, making for the side door, he darted into the
alleyway that flanked the Sanctuary. What story would the Magpie tell? Not the