The Adventures of Jimmie Dale HTML version

II.12. John Johansson--Four-Two-Eight
Nearly midnight already! It was even later than he had thought. Larry the Bat
pressed his face against a shop's windowpane on the Bowery for a glance at a
clock that had caught his eye on the wall within. Nearly midnight!
He slouched on again hurriedly, still debating in his mind, as he had been
debating it all the way from the Tocsin's, the question of returning again to the
Sanctuary. So far, the way both to Spider Jack's and the Sanctuary had been in
the same direction--but the Sanctuary was on the next street.
Jimmie Dale reached the corner--and hesitated. It was strange how strong was
the intuition upon him to-night that bade him go on and make all speed to Spider
Jack's--while equally strong was the cold, stubborn logic that bade him go first to
the Sanctuary. There were things that he needed there that would probably be
absolutely essential to him before the night was out, things without which he
might be so badly handicapped as to invite failure from the start; and yet--it was
already midnight!
Ostensibly both Makoff and Spider Jack closed their places at eleven. But that
might mean anything--depending upon their own respective inclinations, or on
what of their own peculiar brand of deviltry might be afoot. If they were still about,
still in evidence, he was still too early, midnight though it was; though, on the
other hand, if the coast was clear, he could ill afford to lose a moment of the time
between now and the hour that the Magpie had planned for the robbery of Henry
LaSalle, for it would not be an easy matter, even once inside Spider Jack's, to
find that package-- since it was Spider's open boast that things committed to his
care were where the police, or any one else, might as well whistle and suck their
thumbs as try to find them!
And then, with sudden decision, taking his hesitation, as it were, by the throat,
Jimmie Dale hurried on again--to the Sanctuary. At most, it could delay him but