The Adventures of Jimmie Dale HTML version

I.2. By Proxy
The most puzzling bewildering, delightful crook in the annals of crime," Herman
Carruthers, the editor of the MORNING NEWS-ARGUS, had called the Gray
Seal; and Jimmie Dale smiled a little grimly now as he recalled the occasion of a
week ago at the St. James Club over their after-dinner coffee. That was before
his second debut, with Isaac Brolsky's poverty-stricken premises over on West
Broadway as a setting for the break.
SHE had written: "Things are a little too warm, aren't they, Jimmie? Let's let them
cool for a year." Well, they had cooled for a year, and Carruthers as a result had
been complacently satisfied in his own mind that the Gray Seal was dead--until
that break at Isaac Brolsky's over on West Broadway!
Jimmie Dale's smile was tinged with whimsicality now. The only effect of the
year's inaction had been to usher in his renewed activity with a furor compared to
which all that had gone before was insignificant. Where the newspapers had
been maudlin, they now raved--raved in editorials and raved in headlines. It was
an impossible, untenable, unbelievable condition of affairs that this Gray Seal, for
all his incomparable cleverness, should flaunt his crimes in the faces of the
citizens of New York. One could actually see the editors writhing in their swivel
chairs as their fiery denunciations dripped from their pens! What was the matter
with the police? Were the police children; or, worse still, imbeciles--or, still worse
again, was there some one "higher up" who was profiting by this rogue's work?
New York would not stand for it--New York would most decidedly not--and the
sooner the police realised that fact the better! If the police were helpless, or tools,
the citizens of New York were not, and it was time the citizens were thoroughly
There was a way, too, to arouse the citizens, that was both good business from
the newspaper standpoint, and efficacious as a method. Carruthers, of the
offered twenty-five thousand dollars' reward for the capture of the Gray Seal!