The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom HTML version

Chapter 30
The Singular Manner Of Fathom's Attack And Triumph Over The Virtue Of The
Fair Elenor.
Proper cognisance being thus taken of these contraband effects, and the
informer furnished with a certificate, by which he was entitled to a share of the
seizure, the coachman summoned his passengers to the carriage; the purse and
jewels were restored to Count Fathom, who thanked the justice, and his lordship
in particular, for the candour and hospitality with which he had been treated, and
resumed his place in the vehicle, amidst the congratulations of all his fellow-
travellers, except the two forlorn smugglers, who, instead of re-embarking in the
coach, thought proper to remain at the inn, with view to mitigate, if possible, the
severity of their misfortune.
Among those who felicitated Fathom upon the issue of this adventure, the young
maiden seemed to express the most sensible pleasure at that event. The artful
language of his eyes had raised in her breast certain fluttering emotions, before
she knew the value of her conquest; but now that his rank and condition were
discovered, these transports were increased by the ideas of vanity and ambition,
which are mingled with the first seeds of every female constitution. The belief of
having captivated the heart of a man who could raise her to the rank and dignity
of a countess, produced such agreeable sensations in her fancy, that her eyes
shone with unusual lustre, and a continual smile played in dimples on her rosy
cheeks; so that her attractions, though not powerful enough to engage the
affection, were yet sufficient to inflame the desire of our adventurer, who very
honestly marked her chastity for prey to his voluptuous passion. Had she been
well seasoned with knowledge and experience, and completely armed with
caution against the artifice and villany of man, her virtue might not have been
able to withstand the engines of such an assailant, considering the dangerous
opportunities to which she was necessarily exposed. How easy then must his
victory have been over an innocent, unsuspecting country damsel, flushed with
the warmth of youth, and an utter stranger to the ways of life!
While Obadiah, therefore, and his plump companion, were engaged in
conversation, on the strange incidents which had passed, Fathom acted a very
expressive pantomime with this fair buxom nymph, who comprehended his
meaning with surprising facility, and was at so little pains to conceal the pleasure
she took in this kind of intercourse, that several warm squeezes were
interchanged between her and her lover, before they arrived at Rochester, where
they proposed to dine. It was during this period, he learned from the answers she
made to the inquisitive quaker, that her sole dependence was upon a relation, to
whom she had a letter, and that she was a perfect stranger in the great city;
circumstances on which he soon formed the project of her ruin.
Upon their arrival at the Black Bull, he for the first time found himself alone with
his Amanda, whose name was Elenor, their fellow-travellers being elsewhere
employed about their own concerns; and, unwilling to lose the precious
opportunity, he began to act the part of a very importunate lover, which he
conceived to be a proper sequel to the prelude which had been performed in the