The Adventures of Adriela HTML version

The adventures of Adriela book 1-
Chapter 1- the beginning
Zion walked to the black castle with guilt, he had guilt on his hands because he had just given up
his beloved daughter to her grandfather Trivan. He hoped Adriela would do very well as a
guardian and not fail in her mission against the evil of Corsatas. Of course she will succeed l have
taught her magic well unlike those other guardians that get kidnapped all the time he thought. If
only Corsatas never backstabbed me he thought sadly. He wished he knew why Corsatas had
backstabbed him.
It was a bright sunny morning in Moda , Adriela had just woke up to a unicorn giving her breakfast.
“Here is your breakfast your guardianship” the unicorn said.
“Your guardianship my name is Adriela thankyou” Adriela said crossly.
“Oh do you want me to call you Adriela instead of your guardianship?” the unicorn asked.
“Yes that would be perfect, may l inquire of your name ?” Adriela asked.
“My name is sparkle light” replied the unicorn.
“So sparkle light you are to call me Adriela and thank you for giving me breakfast today” she said.
When the unicorn left Adriela decided to dig in to her breakfast. She studied the tray. Purple
diamonds on the edges and handles and the tray was gold. Two choc chip biscuits with some milk
and two plain biscuits and Rosy dreams. She decided to eat the biscuits and drink everything else.
When she was finished breakfast she decided to explore her surroundings. First she went outside
and walked a long walk and explored the forests. Everything is so beautiful Adriela thought until she
came to a black tower. She decided to go in the tower thinking there might be some evil person who
lived there. She opened the front door and she saw a beautiful woman who was facing her.
“Why hello” said Corsatas.
“Hi” said Adriela.
“L have a special assignment for you” Corsatas said.
“What is it?” asked Adriela.
“Give this drink to Queen Isibella” she said.
“What for?” asked Adriela opening the bottle. “It stinks” she complained.
“L know but it is important for you to do it” Corsatas said.
“L don’t trust you, are evil” Adriela said.
“I’m not evil I’ve been cursed, my husband denied me and forced me to live in this junk yard”
Corsatas explained. “So please give this potion to Queen Isibella, it will make her live forever”
Corsatas lied.