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Thankfulness: a virtue and a dynamic - activates the Law of Attraction
Thankfulness: a positive emotion involving a feeling of indebtedness
1. Commitment
2. An Open Mind
3. Persistence
4. Flexibility
5. Faith
6. Thankfulness
7. Passion
Attitude affects so many things in life. Sales-people are told to maintain a
positive mental attitude because it ultimately affects their sales, sports-
people are told to cultivate a winner's attitude because it affects their
performance. The laws of success tell us to cultivate a grateful attitude
but why should thankfulness affect our success?
It may be difficult, at first, to see exactly how thankfulness, or gratitude,
can be such an important key to your success, but by seeking to maintain
an 'attitude of gratitude' you are indeed tapping into the timeless laws of
Thankfulness is fundamentally related to positivity and negativity. It is so
much easier to be positive about your life and the things that are going on
in it right now when you are grateful. As A. W. Tozer once commented,
‘a thankful heart cannot be cynical’.
The work-place is full of people who are cynical - ready to run the
company down, run the boss down and run the industry down; and do you
know something, they can, and do, actually produce the evidence that
supports their beliefs. Such people are also employing the laws of
success; but by talking about what they do not like, they are using the
principles to attract what they don't want. Their reality simply reinforces
their views about the company, the boss, the industry and whatever else
has been the subject of their negativity.
On the other hand, having an attitude of gratitude impacts your
countenance and your general outlook on life; and people generally will
The 7 Keys to Success
Will Edwards