The 4 Secrets to Becoming Rich and Happy HTML version

there by making you wealthy.
1. You don’t have to be rich to be wealthy.
2. By giving value to a person’s life you are compensated with
money and feeling good about yourself, which makes you
Lesson 2 – Become an expert.
This lesson is about the importance of being an expert in anything
you want to do. No matter what it is you want to do in life, the only
way to make money is to be an expert. You need to find something
you love to do or love to talk to talk about and educate yourself on
that topic.
Once you know everything about your niche then it’s easy to make
money. One way I can think of is by talking in forums and
commenting on blogs until people on those social networking spaces
start to see you for what you are…an expert. Once people know and
trust you its easy to recommend a product and make an affiliate
Studies show that when you have a loyal following perhaps on your
weekly newsletter then 2 out 10 will by a product you recommend.
The trick to this kind of marketing is to not oversell products. Offer
them a product once every three weeks to a month and as your list
grows you could be making thousands a month just with one
product pitch a month. You shouldn’t over sell them products
because they will start to look at you as spam and un-join your list.
The only way to keep them on your list is by actually giving them
valuable content in your newsletters. That way you are giving away
value and you are showing that you are an expert. As a result they
will by any product you try to sell them because it is recommended
by you.