The 4 Secrets to Becoming Rich and Happy HTML version

the point? When do I find out the secret to making money? If that’s
what you are asking yourself right now then don’t worry, ill get to it.
I just want you to understand that there is more to life then money.
First ill give you the secrets to making money, then ill give you the
secrets of being happy. When I am done, if you really absorb what I
have said and put it into practice then I can guarantee that you will
be truly wealthy.
So the first thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a multi-
millionaire to be a wealthy person.
Lesson 1 – producing value.
The first secret to becoming wealthy is producing something with
value to people. People are going to be you customers, and with out
them you will have nothing. Once you produce a product that has
value to a person they will flock to it and spread the message to
others. Before you know it, your pockets will be filling up fast.
Let me give you an example…
Everyone knows Google. They are the leading search engine in the
world producing billions of dollars a year. What is the number one
reason Google became so rich? They gave people exactly what they
wanted, a search engine that when you searched something, would
give you relevant results. Before Google it was a lot harder to search
for something and find it right away. Google gave people what they
wanted and because Google gave people what they wanted,
everyone started to use them, and before you know it, Google was
making over 10 billion a year.
So when you give people what they want it gives value to their lives.
In exchange for making their lives better, you are compensated with
money. That’s not all you are compensated with either. You are also
compensated with knowing that you are helping people, which in
return helps you feel good. So by producing value to somebody else,
you are in exchange receiving money and a feeling of happiness