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The 4 Secrets Too Becoming Rich And Happy
Written By David Starikov
In this book I’m not going to show you how to become rich. I’m
going to teach you how to attain wealth. What’s the difference you
may be asking yourself. There’s a huge difference between being rich
and being wealthy. When you are wealthy you not only have money
but you are happy as well.
I personally don’t have millions of dollars sitting in my bank account
gathering interest so I can’t say I’m rich. But I am wealthy. You
don’t have to be rich to be wealthy. You can make fifty thousand
dollars a year and still be a wealthy person. In this e-book I will give
you the secrets to making money and depending on how innovative
you are, by following these two secrets, you can be as rich as
Donald Trump.
I have two goals in mind by writing this e-book. One is to give you
the secrets to making money and the other one is to teach you how
to be wealthy. defines wealth as having an abundance
of money, valuable possessions, property, and other riches. Is that
really all wealth is?
Well yes and no. I believe that part of being wealthy is having
money, but wealth also lies in how happy you are. The problem with definition is this. What if you are truly content with
50,000 a year doing what you love to do? Contentment is also a
huge part of wealth. If you have money, valuable possessions,
property but aren’t content and happy, then you are simply rich. Ask
yourself honestly right now if you would rather have 1 billion dollars
and be an angry, depressed, suicidal or have a comfortable life
making whatever enough money for you is and be the happiest
person in the world.
I’m sure you chose the right answer. So when is he going to get to