The 20-Minute Guide to Using MS Access 2007 HTML version

What is a database?
A database can best be described as a way of storing large amounts of information. The
data can be retrieved and we can even ask questions of the data and get answers. For
example I may want to know how many customers sold widgets in the city of London for the
month of July. Access is a PC desktop database and it is possible to create some powerful
Access 2007
Access 2007 is a major overhaul in terms of the interface. The menus are now replaced by
the Ribbon. At first it takes some getting used to if you have come from a previous version of
MS Access.
Introducing the Ribbon
The Ribbon contains the essential commands necessary for creating and manipulating your
The Ribbon is divided into groups and each group contains a series of commands. For
example the forms group contains form related commands. The Ribbon changes the view
and commands depending on the object you are using. If you are in open table mode the
Ribbon will display a set of commands related to this mode.
The Quick Access Toolbar
This is another new feature and is a small bar that contains commands you use often such
as save, undo and redo.