The 20-Minute Guide to Using MS Access 2007 HTML version

I hope this has given you an overview of some of the features of MS Access 2007. If you
have come from a previous version it might take some getting used to. However, stick with it
and you will uncover just how powerful it can be.
About the author
Paul Barnett is an Access developer from London, UK.
He has been developing software for 15 years. His
products and training have helped hundreds world over,
including companies such as IBM and MCI WorldCom.
He believes in the power of simplicity and that the system
should only do what the user asks for. It should not
include features that were never asked for.
“I believe software should empower the user so that they
are able to go in and change it whenever they like. I
always look at it from the user points of view and not the
programmers. Give them what they want. Keep it simple
yet powerful.”
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