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Pondering exercise

Pondering is a wonderful technique to become more aware of that which

someone is pondering on. It makes the particular thing more present or

real within a person’s conscious reality.

Pondering, sometimes called daydreaming, is an easy process of putting

one’s attention and focus onto what one wishes to ponder. Don’t grasp,

judge or control the pondered subject. Just gently, without effort, give

attention to the subject and allow your mind to be free. Every now and

then, if your mind floats too far away from the original subject of your

ponderings, gently come back.

Ponder the statements below, one at a time.

My purpose is to gather energetic experience to make the bigger part

of me (God/Higher Consciousness) more enriched and fulfil ed.

God’s intention to create manifests throughout al life. Al

experiences I attract to myself, and how I respond or react to them,

serve this purpose.

All experiences, people, places and things have the same value in the

bigger scheme of things; there is no need for judgement.

It does not matter what anyone does. They are just another part of

my/the whole’s gathering experiences; this is exactly what I am


• I am energetically linked to all life, so what I do to others I am in

fact doing to myself. Separation is an il usion of duality.

• Everything is equal and a part of me.

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Sit now and deeply ponder…

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Key Three – All Creation is the Same

All of God’s creation has the same value and purpose.

Where equality exists, judgement has no place.

All of creation is doing the same thing — having direct experience of

energy. Al animals, plants and insects, even the planet itself, are gatherers

of energy experience for the whole.

There is a belief among many people that we are here to present lessons

to ourselves. In the bigger picture this is not true. When you truly realise

why you are here you wil understand there are no lessons, only

experience gathering. This is important to remember; you are just a

gatherer of experiences. That’s it.

However, by evolving in our human consciousness through spiritual

practice and gaining understanding and knowledge through our day-‐to-‐

day experiences, we raise our frequency. And in so doing, we are opening

up another level of potential experiences available on Earth.

As we rise in frequency through greater understanding and clarity, we

make choices that al ow our life experiences to become more happy and

joyful. This can appear as learning, and in the narrow sense of the word it

could be cal ed that. However, in the big picture it is just a transition from

one experience into another.

This is the process of experience gathering, which enriches al life. By

moving us through experiences created via the Law of Attraction, we are

able to access all of the broad-‐spectrum energy and information available

in this vibrational reality we call Earth.

No judgement of better/worse, good/bad is placed on individual

experience, as all experience is serving the same positive purpose — to

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allow God to create. Life as a human, like all life, is in a constant state of

change from one experience to another; this is creation in action.

We are only here to be gatherers of these energetic experiences, to play

our part in creation.