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Key Practice

Find yourself a quiet place and sit and consider the fol owing:

Am I worthy of having a good life? Answer: Yes

I am a divine fragment of God/Consciousness.

My soul made a decision before I was born to consciously lower its

vibration and awareness, to limit itself so it could experience this

limitation and all that it brings. It did this to make al things in

existence even more complete by having direct experience. With

experience comes more wisdom.

This process is how creation grows and advances. This was something

very special your soul has done, and it should be honoured. One of

the ways of doing this is to live a life in alignment to spiritual truth

and spiritual ways, to do your best to not hinder your natural


• I value and love myself, acknowledging the divine pure being who I


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Make a decision to do whatever it takes to value and love yourself

right now.

Decide to be alert to what you are creating in any given moment, and

if it is negative, do your best to positively change.

Sit now and deeply consider these things.

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Key Two – The Purpose of Human Incarnation

Why are we here?

This would have to be the age-‐old question everyone would like


When one understands the true reason why we are here one’s whole

outlook on life is changed. Life is seen through new eyes, without

distortion or cloudiness.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not here to get married, have children,

work and save to buy a house and to live happily ever after. Some will do

this, some won’t; however, there is a bigger and more profound reason

for existing as a human. There is a divine reason for our existence on this

amazing place we call Earth.

To start with, we need to look at the big picture from the perspective of

universal truth. Science and the universe both tel us that al things in

existence are made up of energy. To take this one step further, all of this

energy is actually a part of the one field or greater whole.

Cal this energy what you like: Prana, Life force, Universal Consciousness or

even God. The truth remains that there is a divine force and consciousness

that permeates everything in existence.

When we pul back the veil that has been holding us in an il usion created

by our negatively conditioned minds we can see there is no such thing as

separation — all things are, and have always been, connected and are as

one. The experience of the il usion of separation appears real because we

live in a vibrational realm that has duality.

We are al just little segments of the whole interacting in our own little

unique ways — this is a Universal Truth. Through this interaction with

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each other — in fact, with everything that exists — we colour in and create

all together an amazing vibrational picture of existence. So, in effect, what

you do in any given moment impacts on the whole.

Our true purpose within this whole is to actively play a part in fulfil ing the

consciousness of the universe and beyond by attracting to ourselves

unique experiences. Depending on how we react or respond to these

experiences, we can alter the nature of the vibrational whole. As we

change, so does everything else. Through the changes we make, we paint

another stroke of colour onto the big picture.

Isn’t it amazing to realise this?

To take this one step further, this is how God/Consciousness (or whatever

label you wish to give the divine whole) is able to have direct experience

and continually evolve. For simplicity’s sake, I wil just call this energy God.

(If you do not believe in such concepts just substitute God with another


We are in a sense a little piece of God (a God-‐fragment) having

experiences available in this reality to fulfil the greater aspect of God’s

intention to create. This really is our sole purpose and the reason for our

soul to exist in this reality. If we happen to get married, have children and

have a happy life, wel , that is a bonus.

Knowing that you are a piece of God changes everything. You no longer

see yourself as separate or exclusive from everything else. This goes a long

way to changing how you perceive and interact with people. Everyone is

actually a part of you.

So, if you value God or anything or anyone at all in your life you have to

also value yourself, as there is no difference between you and them. Part

of your commitment to a fulfil ed life is that you value and love ‘all of you’,

‘you’ being everything in existence.

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Have you ever heard of the old saying “as above, so below”?

God is above, yet God is below in every piece of creation. There is actual y

no difference between God above (that amazing beautiful energy or

creature) and the God-‐fragments below (you and al life), except for their

current vibrational state.

The innate nature of the lower existing fragments of God is exactly the

same as God above. As each fragment of God broke away from the bigger

piece and descended down into the different realms of reality, their level

of frequency became more solid and dense.

As each fragment dropped in vibration, it experienced a decreased

awareness of itself and of the higher realms of vibration. Each God-‐

fragment became unaware of who it actual y was.

The denser the energy, the less the smaller God-‐fragments (us!) see. This

decreases each fragment’s ability to access the understanding and abilities

of the bigger God and its intention to create. Life was created this way to

allow us to experience negatives, as the bigger piece of God desires an

experience of all types of energy, and it does this through its God-‐

fragments! In the process, al is enriched.

A good thing to remember in your dealings with other people is to

remember you are interacting with another piece of yourself —

God/Consciousness. Being hurtful, critical or negative in any way toward

others real y affects the quality of your life. Remember, you are

energetically a part of all life; there is no separate self — that is an il usion.

In a broader, more spiritual sense, you are the people you meet.

A good question to keep in mind is: “How much do I love and value

myself?” In other words, in my interactions with others, how much I love

and value them is directly related to how much I love and value myself.

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Key Practice