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You Cannot Solve

Are All Really Mental!!

Business Performance Psychology Expert Geoff Greenwood FCCA MBA MSc

Practical tips and understanding of the common business problems we all face are mental in nature

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This book is dedicated to the very special people in my life and those I’ve helped improve in Sport, Business & Entertainment Lizzie the love of my life and without whose help and support, this and all my other projects would still be being perfected on my desk. Thank you for believing in me and my passion for performance. I love you.

Libby & Sophie; the brightness that glows in their father’s eye. You prove to me that beauty is possible inside and out and that it can develop every day. Always be yourself and grow. I love you.

Dad, you are my hero, thank you for understanding and overlooking my early challenges that I had to overcome and hopefully I now make you proud as a son and as a person. I love you.

Mum I adore you. You showed that hard work and determination can get you through anything and your bravery during your unwinnable battle. I am so proud to be your son. I love you and miss you every day.

The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental Contents

Preface: You are really an athlete in a suit...........................................7

Chapter 1: You are losing customers.....................................................11

Chapter 2: The strategy has no clear direction.......................................17

Chapter 3: The wrong motivation diminishes profits............................23

Chapter 4: Stress damages more than the health of your staff..............29

Chapter 5: Ignore poor focus and lack of attention at your peril...........35

Chapter 6: Lack of preparation misses those opportunities...................41

Chapter 7: Poor performance leaves company on a knife edge.............47

Chapter 8: Unhelpful staff emotions will hold you back.......................53

Chapter 9: Time management mistakes are inefficient..........................59

Chapter 10: Ineffective sales & marketing stunts growth........................65

Chapter 11: Being beaten by the competition numbers your days...........71

Chapter 12: Outdated leadership & communications is a white flag.......76

About Geoff Greenwood..........................................................................82


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental PREFACE

How Does A Mental Game Plan Used In Sport Generate Business Success?

This is a question that I am asked many times and my answer is always the same. The two fields are very similar in so much that they are ultra competitive and the rewards to the winner are exceptional.

All work and intervention within sport psychology is underpinned by scientific research both within the lab and on the field of play. I compare it to drug therapy issued by your GP. When he offers you tablets under a prescription you do not ask him to prove that they work and to give you cast iron guarantees that it will not bring a worse ailment to you. No in fact you know that the drug in question has been manufactured safely and tested within very strict guidelines.

This is the same in the sporting science world; researched, tested and proven. Ask any elite athlete as to her belief about how sports psychology can assist and the answer will always be the same; I practice on my mental skills everyday as it gives me an edge over my opponent who does not.


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental In many competitive situations the competing factions will be very similar in terms of their technical, physical and strategic attributes and the defining area in nearly all cases (eliminating luck and extraneous events) will be the development of the winner’s mind. In the book I will quote great sporting champions and successful coaches who continually refer to the mental toughness or mental strength needed for victory.

I would just like to clear one thing up before we progress and that is the nagging doubt that you are currently experiencing reading this; once we mention mental skills, alarm bells ring and shouts of “there is nothing wrong with my mental state” are but a few. I know there isn’t and this is not what the process is about. The process is about performance psychology for success and not therapy for any chemical imbalance or social pathology. Sorry but I don’t do therapy but I know a man who does!!! This is a goal oriented process to learn what the performance skills are; how to introduce them into your daily life; commit to practice and perfect them and seek support for areas that are not easy to achieve for which a small strategy or approach could improve them rapidly.

So how does the science from sport transcend over into business. It is easy if you know how and this is what gives us our originality over our competitors because I have had to perform in both sectors.

My early life was in corporate world as a Chartered Accountant to which I added an MBA from business school so I have experienced the change that you are experiencing, the difficulties of performing in a recession and trying to implement processes and procedures to help our most prized assets, our labour force, to generate more 8

The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental efficiency and effectiveness to our organisation. Quite often some of our management techniques are nearly 100 years old and not suitable for the modern company. These guys need help to approach new ways of doing things and to benefit from it at the same time. This sent me off into the world of performance.

The pursuit of sports science allowed me to study human behaviour in its most extreme form. These men and women had to perform at the highest level often under the greatest amount of pressure, but they loved it and lived it every day. They were in the pursuit of excellence. Whilst studying them it became clear that if I could package up even a morsel of this and tell businesses and corporations about it, then results would flow; the labour force would be turned into a collection of highly focused, confident and mentally tough individuals that would experience autonomy, mastery and purpose in their work and lives. Imaging the bottom line returns if your management and staff became 10% or even 20% more efficient?

So I am now doing this, firstly with this book that highlights 12

business problems that most are experiencing and how the 12 core mental skills can be developed to overcome them and secondly, through our elearning package, workshops and psychological executive coaching. I hope you enjoy and embrace the book and its concepts and spread the word. View more information here.

Kindest Regards

Geoff Greenwood FCCA MBA MSc


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental CHAPTER 1

You Are Losing Customers: That Hurts

It is no great revelation to you by now that it takes 6 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. In most cases this refers to marketing cost and effort, however, if we add to this staff effort, creativity and overcoming word of mouth damage then we are possibly talking much more to get back to the starting position.

What are the main reasons that customers leave? In the majority of cases it is the way that they are dealt with by your staff. We know that customers will try the products of your competition and some will buy based on price and hey that is the real world but what about those that we have that already buy from us? The average unhappy customer will tell on average 8 to 16 other people, if they pass it on what is the exponential figure here? Research also suggests that 91%

of unhappy customers will never purchase from you again ever but get this, if you try to remedy your customer problem or issue then 82% to 95% of them will stay with you. So what is the value of turning that satisfied customer into a loyal one? PRICELESS.

The strategy of turning a satisfied buyer into a loyal customer is as follows:


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental Strategy


Treat customers as individuals with respect and genuine concern for their wellbeing.


Respond to any problem they have because this opens up new opportunities for your organisation.


Communicate regularly with them to build long term relationships even of a personal level.


Allow customers to feedback at all levels as this free information will build a bond between your products and services and their needs and wants.


Create an environment of high accountability, high performance, high staff morale and high productivity because happy and productive employees bonds with customer loyalty.

Performance Psychology Skill Number 1: Professional Attitude The starting point for our mental game plan and to turn people into corporate athletes is that of a professional attitude. This does not cover those qualities like being polite and dress properly which are a given in corporate world, but the attributes that make a great champion. See if your staff exhibit any of these.


A strong desire to succeed


Ability to stay positive in the face of challenge and pressure 3.

Don’t expend energy on uncontrollable factors 4.

Exhibit a very high level of commitment


Always demonstrate unshakeable self-belief 12

The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental 6.

Demonstrate positive body language


Show respect, empathy and kindness to those around you 8.

Never be afraid of losing, always play to win These 8 attributes are the foundation for mental skills development and can all be identified, understood and be implemented into the daily lives of your labour force. It is not difficult to understand the impact on your customers that this will have on them when they are dealing with your staff.

It is also not very difficult to put a value to your organisations’

bottom line of retaining your customers because of the way that they are treated by your staff. This development of your staff and management can produce exceptional results with both your external and internal customers as demonstrated by the case study later. They just need a plan, a belief in self improvement and a desire to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

I cannot give you self-belief. This is a bridge that only you have to build and only you can cross. The self-belief comes from believing that you can explore, that you can challenge, that you can win. It’s a growing thing, all the time. You’ve got to have “a guid conceito yersel.

Frank Dick Former National Athletics Coach

Following is a case study of some work that we did with a major engineering plc within the mental game plan implementation.


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental When we arrived at this major UK engineering company, they were concerned about the non retention of their customer base. A large percentage of their customers only purchased once and had no repeat business at all. Throughout our initial needs analysis we identified a very poor professional attitude amongst the sales and customer service staff. This was confirmed by contacting a statistical sample of past customers and asking them about their experience with the company.

The majority of feedback and observation identified a very poor attitude to them in terms of problem handling, empathy with them as a customer, communication about new products and didn’t demonstrate professionalism or enthusiasm towards their own company.

Our work delved into the reasons why and soon we discovered low levels of motivation, insufficient autonomy, a lack of purpose, no passion, destructive body language and outdated management controls used back in the 1900’s.

As we worked the mental game plan it was important to instil a professional attitude into the sales and customer service depts as well as looking at modern forms of management intervention that put the customer at the forefront and not the systems.

After 3 months the company started to see repeat business along with clawing back 40% of customers who had originally left, by the end of the 12 month period.


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental Things To Do Now


List areas you cannot control and stop wasting energy on them 2.

Teach staff to stand and breathe powerfully 3.

Instil a positive attitude towards pressure 4.

Start to change commitment towards customers 5.

Ensure respect for customers and each other Please Remember

That professional attitude is only 1 of the core mental skills development areas that are worked upon for improving business performance. It is the foundation for turning your staff, managers and executives into exceptional human performers. It is based upon the science in the performing world and used daily by all the great sporting champions.

It can be used within companies of all sizes, and within all business or non profit sectors.


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental CHAPTER 2

The Strategy Has No Clear Direction: So How Do We Know When We Get There?

The strategy of any organisation will encompass analysis of the external environment which will take stock of the markets available along with the competition that participate in those markets together with analysis of the internal environment that will assess the resources, capabilities and competencies that the organisation has at its disposal.

This analysis will determine whether the organisation is equipped to enter these markets and succeed with the strategic capability available to it. The process will highlight all its strengths and weaknesses internally that hopes to take advantage of the opportunities and eliminate the threats externally.

A crucial part of this process once established is the goals of the organisation and how these are communicated throughout the organisation, both as a means to focus attention on what needs to be pursued and a way of showing direction that drives the humans within, towards the intended outcome.


The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental This drive within staff and management is the motivation that we will cover in the next chapter but is important to ensure that it is truly understood and it acts as a means to achieve the set goals.

It is often stated that if it cannot be measured then it cannot be managed, so correct goal setting needs to be able to fit into the higher level strategy and also the ability to be broken down into smaller goals and sub tactics that will ensure that on success the organisation is pursuing the correct direction. Often incorrect goals can remove the focus needed to move in the right way.