The 10 Biggest Fat Loss Lies HTML version

the Industry has Kept From You
So you have made it this far and are ready to discover the truth about instant and
permanent fat loss!! I bet you are sick and tired of all the scams, diet fads, weight loss
pills and ab machines that promise you the world but never deliver. If so you have
come to the right place!
As a result of dedicating years of my life to educating myself about how to achieve
weight loss, I finally discovered the secrets. These secrets will NEVER be revealed
to you because the weight loss industry has done their very best to keep them a
secret……UNTIL NOW!!
What I am about to do is expose the 10 BIGGEST FAT LOSS LIES the weight loss
industry and their establishments have tricked you into believing for a long time. I will
talk about things like the truth about why low carb/low fat diets do not work. I will
explain how the weight loss industry was able to use clever marketing strategies known
as quackery and anecdotal evidence to get you to purchase their ab machines or latest
ground breaking, patent pending technologically advanced exercise machines. I
promise you that by the time I am done, your eyes will be opened to a whole new
All of these things that I have mentioned above have caused you to suck at losing
weight. But Don’t Worry, It Is Not Your Fault!! You have simply been led astray by the
weight loss industry but my job is to show you the path to making your fat extinct once
and for all!
Stop making the same crazy mistakes and pay attention to what I have in this e-book.
You may be surprised and even upset when you discover the truth!!
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