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narrow. He pointed to a sign and indicated for Sujin to proceed on
foot. Sujin paid the fare, collected his luggage, and walked the
short distance through the through the winding soi to the
After check-in at the Guesthouse, Sujin found his room, which was
basic but comfortable. He was quite hungry, as no food had been
served on Bangkok Airways, only tea, coffee and water. He
returned to the reception desk of the guest house.
“Excuse me – can you please tell me if there are any nice
restaurants close to the guesthouse?”
The girl at reception looked Sujin up and down and redirected the
fan, pointing his way. Sujin knew that she had seen his passport
which it had been copied when he registered.
“Yes there are but they are all very expensive.”
Sujin knew from experience how cheap many of the restaurants
“Okay, no problem I will find something.”
He turned around and walked out of the guesthouse. Within one
hundred metres there appeared a reasonable looking hole-in-the
wall restaurant. He went in, sat down and ordered chicken stir-fried
with basil leaves and sat reflecting while he drank a glass of water
and waited for his meal.
The restaurant had bare wooden tables with sealed bottles of water
at the end of each one next to a set of condiments – chili powder,
pickled peppers, fish sauce and sugar. Just above the door to the
kitchen were photos of the King and Queen and slightl y above – a