Terror on Telderan HTML version

forms on the surface but I don‟t understand what that has to do with me or Earth‟s Guardians; there are no
humans on Telderan.”
Rayna lowered her head attempting to hide her eyes. The wave of sadness that washed over her
caused her eyes to turn gray. It was nearly impossible for females of Lazon to hide their true feelings;
their emotions were always detected in their eyes.
J‟lore moved closer and tilted his head to get a better look at her face. “Rayna, we have been
friends for many years. You know that I and the other Guardians have taken an oath just as my ancestors
before me have done. Your position as High Ruler of the Southern Quadrant of Lazon has not changed
the way that you feel about the humans; I know that in your heart you also want to protect the human race
from becoming extinct just as much as I do. Please, tell me what‟s going on.”
Rayna took a deep breath and lifted her head slowly. “Earlier I told you that as High Ruler I only
have access to an astro-numerologist however the Grand Apex has been told by the Oracle that Rotart‟s
attempt to terra form Telderan will have catastrophic results. The planet will spiral out of control then
ultimately out of this galaxy and…..onward…. toward the Milky Way Galaxy. It will eventually rip
through space and smash directly into your beloved planet Earth.”
J‟lore was stunned by the news; he grabbed Rayna by the shoulders and starred her in the eyes.
“This cannot be, are you certain?”
Rayna nodded slowly, “I am so sorry my friend but the Grand Apex himself has consulted with
every leader in the Planetary Alliance who has in turn consulted with each of their planet‟s Oracles.
Telderan and Planet Earth will both be destroyed.” Rayna was surprised by J‟lore actions when she gave
him the bad news. She gave him an inquisitive look. “Why are you so surprised J‟lore? You and the
Guardians have known for sometime that this day would surely come. It was told by your ancestors. The
story has been foretold by the Guardians of old. Throughout the generations since the days when our
ancestors crashed on Earth and help build the Henge of Stone it has been prophesied by the Oracles.”
J‟lore seemed to be only half listening to Rayna. He paced around in the clearing then turned to
her and spoke in a soft, somber tone. “I was hoping that they were wrong.” Rayna felt sorry for the