Terror on Telderan HTML version

seemed out of place in the woods. Rayna removed her hood as she approached J‟lore. Her dark purple
hair blew in the breeze as she bowed slightly. “I bid you peace.” she said.
J‟lore smiled and returned the bow and greeting. The tall, slender leader of Earth‟s Guardians
knew all to well the risk that Rayna was taking. “I am well aware of your reluctance to get involved in
this matter.” he said. “Thank you for coming.”
Rayna looked around before handing J‟lore a small black device with a view screen. “I am afraid
that it‟s just as I have feared.” she said. “As you know only the Apex has access to the Oracle of Lazon,
so after I read the report from the Planetary Alliance I felt that my best source to confirm my suspicions
was my personal astro-numerologist. After meeting with him I decided to contact you.”
J‟lore shook his head as he read from the tiny screen. “It‟s worse than I thought. Since the
Otarians broke away from the Planetary Alliance Rotart‟s poor leadership has plunged his entire world
into ruin. If your information is correct, and I believe that it is, Rotart will attempt to terra form Telderan
and claim it for his people so that he can try and clean up his mess on Otar.”
“Yes,” Rayna agreed, “but Rotart forfeited his rights to all the Alliance‟s desolate planets plus all
of his benefits on the day that he turned his back on the Alliance. To make matter worse he does not
posses the technology or the knowledge to properly terra-form anything.”
J‟lore handed Rayna back her device. “Has the Planetary Alliance contacted him?”
High Ruler Rayna shook her head, “They have made several attempts to contact him and several
other high authority members on Otar but they are refusing to answer.”
J‟lore caught a glimpse of one of the unicorns grazing off in the distance. He could hear the birds
singing above in the tree tops as the gentle continuous breeze whistled through the leaves. Standing in the
surroundings of beautiful trees, exotic fragrant flowers and plants made it difficult for J‟lore to
„I need to focus,‟ he thought to himself.
J‟lore turned back to Rayna, “If the Alliance cannot stop the Otarians they will have no choice but
to evacuate the colonists before Rotart begins the process. No planet has ever been terra-formed with life