Terrible Lies/ Terrible Truths


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Essays on the American and Israeli perpetual war Plutocracies - The American and Israeli people are free and have influence but do not control our countries. Our countries are controlled by war plutocrats who are the only existential threat to our democracies, not foreign states and terrorists. - The Oded Yinon Plan 1982 calls for the balkanization of the Middle East by and for the benefit of Israel (Ch. 1). Paragraph 23 describes what Bush and Cheney accomplished with the intentional destruction of Iraq. - The Pentagon in 2001 had plans for military campaigns against 7 Middle East countries within 5 years (Ch. 1). This plan has been drawn out but continues. - Bush and Cheney in 2001 intentionally allowed al Qaeda to escape Tora Bora, Afghanistan (Ch. 2).

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