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What People are Saying about Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose and their Programs…


"I was looking for support and that's what the "Let Go and Tap into Heart and Soul of Success with EFT" program did for me. It helped me with my next steps and directly led me to knowing the right action to take for getting publicity for my book. The insights I received from this program really made a big difference.”

Helen Wix, Real Estate Investor

"I didn't know the Mountroses before enrolling in one of their programs, so it was a leap of faith. I'm so glad I decided to enroll. Besides the depth of tools and understanding I received, there was something else very valuable. The Mountroses themselves: their vision and how they model the profound coaching and healing tools they taught.

It instilled a lot of confidence in me and it helped me to start my own spiritual community!"


Jay Horn, Musician, Minister of Holistic Healing



“I first saw the Mountroses on TV and was familiar with some of their EFT materials. As teachers, they have great depth and compliment each other wonderfully and are very approachable. too.

When I started their training program I was a bud. With all the tools and practical, soul-based material I learned, I really bloomed. I now have the confidence to know wherever I am, it's where I’m supposed to be. Magic and miracles have become real and a part of my daily life.”

Linda Harrah, Holistic Therapist