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Ten Commandments – Foundations f or Success
Shane Willard
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Ten Commandments (Shane Willard 2009)
Am I me, regardless of what I'm producing; or is my entire life and worth defined by the
number of bricks I can make? Is God still the creator, even when He's resting?
The Sabbath is a day where you live like your work is done, even if it isn't - and that is
healing. The world goes on, because God is God, and you are not.
The supply of everything I need, is as close to me as the air that I'm breathing, I just need to
stop and become aware of that.
The 10 Commandments is about Grace, its God giving people something that they did not
earn or deserve - it's: welcome to being human again.
Ten Commandments (1 of 6) (Shane Willard) God wants to marry you - leaven and all. No
matter what you've done, or where you've been, God is determined to make it right for you
- that is what the 10 Commandments are all about.
The OT marriage covenant (and its Hebrew context), are used to understand some things
Jesus said about his return, and about the rapture.
The introduction of the 10 commandments is considered from the perspective of a long line
of slaves. So we get a day off? You can't kill me, or take my things, just because you're
stronger than me? My human rights and dignity will be respected in our new culture? That is