Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves HTML version
Ace of Diamonds, A Circle.—An engagement.
Ace of Diamonds, A Bush.—A pleasant invitation.
Ace of Clubs, An Obelisk.—The offer of a good promotion.
Ace of Hearts, A Train, A Query.—Indecision about a removal.
Ace of Hearts, An Urn, A Bed.—Illness in the home.
Ace of Spades, Bricks.—An advantageous offer from a large town.
Arm, A Myrtle Tree, Bird on a Perch.—New plans which bring about a meeting with someone
who will become all the world to you.
Arum Lily, Bells, A Church.—A wedding.
Arum Lily, A Bat, A Bed, A Widow's Bonnet.—Death of a widow.
Bacon, Pagoda.—You will make your fortune abroad.
Banana, A Peacock, Ace of Hearts, Trees.—A happy marriage to someone of wealth and
property in the country.
Bed, An Engine, Laburnum Tree.—A happy visit to the country in the spring.
Besom, Ugly Faces.—You will make many enemies by mischief-making.
Bonnet, A Bouquet.—Marriage late in life.
Bride, A Crescent Moon, A Swallow.—A journey which leads to a romantic love affair.
Bride, Penknife, An Owl.—Jealousy terminates an unhappy engagement.
Cab, A Square, A Cap.—A gloomy outlook brought about by one of the opposite sex.
Camel (Laden), A Small "T," A Coffin.—An unexpected fortune through the death of someone
abroad whose name begins with "T."
Chain (Entangled), Onion.—You will be placed in an embarrassing position by the discovery of
a secret.