Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves HTML version
At no time in the history of the world has there been such
earnest searching for light and knowledge in all matters
relating to Psychic Phenomena as in the present day. The
desire to investigate some new disclosure has resulted in yet
other discoveries. Such will be handed on in their various forms
to be studied and used by those who seek to learn.
Few subjects need more patience than those dealing with
Psychology. Even those who put their knowledge to a practical
use in such studies as divination by tea-leaves, must still plod
patiently along a path thickly strewn with new knowledge. The
powers of clairvoyance, for instance, cannot be forced or
hurried; such arbitrary laws as time have no meaning for the subconscious self, therefore the
need for hurry does not exist.
I was once told by a very mediumistic woman that she had sat in the same room at the same
time for an hour every day for seven years, because she "wished to develop Clairvoyance."
Here was patience indeed! In some manifestations of the clairvoyant powers within us, it is
spontaneous, the closing of the eyes to shut out all material surroundings being all that is
necessary to bring a vision of what is happening, or shortly to happen, possibly hundreds of
miles away.
In all dreams the clairvoyant powers are spontaneous; but for the development of
clairvoyance at will, great perseverance is necessary. Its interests and powers are unlimited,
so that it is well worth the patience and time spent upon it.
In the use of tea-leaves as a means of divination, the more developed the "clear sight," the
more interesting and accurate will be the interpretation. Practice is most necessary,
especially for those who have less natural clairvoyance than others.
The desire for knowledge on all Psychic matters has led to an increased demand for various
methods of bringing into symbols and pictures that hidden knowledge of the present and the
future. That this knowledge can be translated to us symbolically is apparent to everyone—who
could doubt it, and still believe in anything at all?
Tea-leaves are habitually used by many people as a means of divination. To some it is an
easier method than the cards, there is less to memorize, or the crystal.