Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves HTML version
"If thou wouldst learn thy future with thy tea,
This magic cup will show it thee."
Some readers may find an additional interest in divination by tea-
leaves, if they use a cup marked with the planetary symbols,
patented as the "Nelros Cup of Fortune." A short explanation of the
symbols, and the method of using this cup, will be helpful for those
who are not familiar with its signs. I am not suggesting the use of
the "Nelros" saucer, for the reason that its signs are somewhat
obscure, and students who have no experience in the science of
astrology would find it confusing, if used in addition to the cup, in which all needful signs are
As in the case of the ordinary tea-cup, the handle remains as the representative of the
consultant. The turning of it and draining of the moisture should be carried out in the usual
Immediately under the handle, and above the space given to the Sun, are seen a Diamond and
a Horseshoe. Next on the left are a Snake twisted round a stick, and a Spade, these being
placed over the space given to Saturn.
Following them are a Bell and a Club, seen over the sign of Venus. Next, an Eye and Envelope,
above the space given to Jupiter.
Then comes a Cross, with the sign of Pisces, the Fishes, these being over the sign of Mercury.
Next are a Winecup and a Spider above the space of Mars.
Followed by a Cat's Head and a Heart, above the Moon.
Each one of these signs round the brim has a symbolic meaning, though their meaning must
also be judged by the position they occupy in the cup.
Now, taking the signs round the brim of the cup, and connecting them with the planetary
symbols beneath.
Beginning at the handle is a Diamond, this being a token of wealth, which, with the sign of
the Sun below, indicates much prosperity, favors, and general well-being, the Horseshoe over
the Sun also betokening good luck and successful projects.