Tears of the Mystic Rose HTML version

once upon a moon
oh what a glory…what a birth…i have such good fortune
to have the prefect childhood…the perfect life
i am truly a blessed child
my parents gave me the name rajnish
raj means king and nish means night
which means king of the night
or lord of the full moon
running uphill i reach the top
cramps have set in
and am dead tired today
i fall down
i hear the gompa bells ringing
and feel a strong energy pulling me towards the sound
i try to lift my body but cannot
it is heavy like a rock
what has happened today
i suddenly feel a huge ball of light
lying out of my body towards the gompa
i can see the gompa clearly
lying there on the ground
its golden pagoda shining with such tremendous light
the whole surrounding is on ire
and dancing in a brilliant blue and glowing softly
tibetan lamas walking and sitting around the gompa
i cannot believe it
am i standing or on the ground unconscious
how can i see through such a distance
i remain totally confused in this strange and intoxicated state
i can see others running by me…i can see others in the near distance
i must continue my marathon run
and as if by magic i stand up like a feather
am so fresh and exploding with life as if i have just started my run
i feel my legs lying off the ground
they are not even touching the earth