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Tears of the Dragon
A story of my journey through life and transformation.
This book of poems began in 1984 or perhaps before.
However, it goes on today as does my journey through life
and through it’s many, many experiences.
There was a time when I thought life was not worth living,
but over the years and because of a very special man I met,
my life changed and took on meaning.
It may not always be easy to read, for the poems came from
the depths of my despair to ultimate love and joy in Christ.
Yet that you will see within the word.
Brandy An Coffee Marks
2010 Brandy Ann Coffee Marks
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ISBN: 0.9841522.6.1
Coffee Marks, Brandy A
Tears of the Dragon - 1st ed.
Vancouver WA: Doctrine of the Cross
ISBN: 0.9841522.6.1