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A Practical guide for vision, leadership, performance coaching and achieving
fulfilling personal goals. For students, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and
Victor Kunovski
is an expert in the field of business development and performance coaching.
He provides coaching services that help businesses to improve their performances in
variety of business areas.
He also provides organisational development, vision and strategy development and
change management services to clients.
Further more to this, he trains, entrepreneurs, teams and business leaders in
developing coaching and leadership skills, and use coaching as management style.
Viktor has extensively written on coaching and leadership management.
Team Sky is his first eBook on the subject of coaching and leadership management.
He currently works as Independent Consultant and he is also an associate of
Performance Consultants International for the Balkans and South East Europe
tel: ++00389 (0)70 956 977 Tel: ++ 00389 (0)70 956 977