Teachings of Mahatma Ghandi HTML version

book. One can at a glance get at Gandhiji's views
on a particular subject and see the development of
his thoughts on that subject as disclosed in his own
words in his writings.
The book will prove of immense help to any seri-
ous student of Gandhian literature as a book of refer-
ence. That Gandhiji covers a vast variety of subjects
is apparent from the fact that the book contains more
than 340 headings under which his writings and
speeches are divided.
The compiler has devoted much time and
labour and I hope his labours will be appreciated by
the public.
. . * Introduction
>HEN man forsakes the sacred and ancient path
of Truth, and in the insolence of his
evanescent power desecrates all that is holy and of a
permanent value in the land, God the Merciful
and Jealous Custodian of Right sends His personal
messengers to reinstate in the human breast the
eternal and fundamental things that constitute the
greatness of Man. And these are the things that
differentiate him from the beast who only obeys the
law of the jungle. The Creator, through His inscrutable
ways, sees that man must remain a man and fulfil btfs
destined mission. The purpose that lies behind this
division between man and beast must be realized.
* ~_
; ^ These prophets, who are the pride of the age in
Which they are born, hold communion with their Master.
The divine message they interpret through their
intellect and translate it in the customary human
age for the benefit of the world. They practise in
own lives what they preach to others. They keep
aloft and burning the flame of Righteousness amidst
the "encircling gloom" of Greed, Selfishness and