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THE PENSIVE MOOD (A Collection of Poems)
Printtd and Published ty Mr, Narain Das Kumar at the
Indian Printing Works
Kaeheri Ryd, Lahore : Irt Edition, Sfpttmbir 1945.
CURING the last forty years or more of his most?
' busy and eventful life, Mahatma Gandhi has
spoken much, and written a great deal, on a large
variety of subjects of great interest and importance to
India and to the world at large. His writings and the
reports of his speeches are enshrined in the columns
of newspapers and particularly of the weeklies which
he has conducted. It is difficult to find out his views
on a particular subject without reference to old files
which are not easily available. Only some of his
writings have been published in book form, e. g., My
Experiments with Truth and Satyagraha in South Africa.
His articles in Toung India were published in 3 volumes
by Mr. S. Ganesan. His speeches have also been
collected and published by Mr, G. Natcsan But all
these publications are out of date as they were
ed several years ago. Since then a great deal more
has been written
Gandhiji is a growing personality and he has
never allowed himself to be a slave of consistency.
His latest views on any subject are therefore $f
great importance to the oublic. Thev are not easih
available in a handy form. Sjt. Jag Parvesh Chander
has attempted to collect together his writings under
appropriate headings in a chronological order in this