Teach Abroad Survival: 23 Hot Tips for Your ESL Teaching Success HTML version

Teach Abroad Survival...23 Hot Tips
Table of Contents
1. Travel Light
2. Keep a Journal
3. Get Clear on What's Expected of You As the Teacher
4. Put Together a Winning Lesson Plan
5. Be Flexible
6. Stay Healthy
7. If You Teach Kids Learn How to Maintain Discipline
8. Look For New Ways to Engage the Class
9. Get Advice From Other Teachers
10. Locate the Nearest Bookstore With an English Section
11. Encourage Students to Write
12. Be Open-Minded
13. Be Decisive
14. Be Professional
15. Dress Professionally
16. Always Look For Ways You Can Add Value To The School
17. Stay Our Of School Politics
18. Never Criticize Your School Or Another Teacher In The
Presence Of Students
19. Stay Up On Current Events Of The World And Your Host Country
20. Approach Your Job With Confidence
21. Instill Confidence In the Students
22. Always Let the Students Know You Are in Charge
23. Know What Your Mission and Goals Are as an ESL Teacher and Live
In Integrity to That
Bonus Tips
Valuable Resources
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