Tattoos on Your Soul HTML version

“Tattoos on your soul” is a collection of
short inspirational stories and uplifting words of
poetry that I have put together over the course of the
last few years. It’s a little reminder that, throughout
our everyday lives while many of us may have
experienced or we may be experiencing some sort
of short coming or set back within our lives, that
there is still hope. I hope that within my words you
can find some slight encouragement and the vision
to believe that with faith you can aspire to and
conquer your failures, fears and struggles life will
throw at you.
Remember, you are not alone as there are so
many people that have experienced some of the
same everyday issues as you. I only hope that no
matter where you may find yourself in life, that
through my words and inspiration you can fall into
an uplifting moment to get you through your
everyday schedule and bring a smile upon your