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TASTY Fat Loss & Muscle-Gaining Recipes
Ground Turkey Omelette
Indonesian Chicken
Chocolate and Banana Protein Bars
Asian Tuna Salad
Protein-Fortified Rice
Curried Chicken
Spicy Turkey Chili
Protein Waffles
Chicken Kabobs
Chicken and Spinach
Cheesey Scrambled Eggs
Breakfast Zucchini Pie
Beef Chop Suey
Whole Oat Flax Loaf
Homemade MRP
Beef and Bean Stew
Chocolate Brownies
Spicy French ‘Un-Fries”
Spicy Beef Chili
Poached Salmon with Cucumber
Turkey Meat Loaf
Vegetarian Chili
Tuna & Cheese Melts
Strawberry and Banana Oatmeal
Homemade Chocolate Protein Bars