Taming The Tongue HTML version

I just have thought about that for a week or so, what it's like to sit in a chair, your body slowly losing energy, breaking
down, you can't even stand without breaking limbs. No strength, everything's brittle, but in the heart there's no
negativity, there's just Lord, You're My Healer. I believe you're my portion. What a great thing - but he positioned
himself you see, because Jesus, the high priest of that confession - now this is what I like about that song. This one
man didn't just make a confession of faith, and agree with what God said, and position himself for the healing. He
wrote a song that could touch and bring others into it, so the very thing that the devil sent to destroy him, becomes
not just the stepping stone of his own faith, but actually makes a provision and a blessing for other people to
experience God.
People are waiting for you to break through. All around you, there's someone waiting for you to break through from
negativity. Ma ybe there's some relationships you need to cut off. Listen, not all friendsh ips and relationships help us
achieve what God wants. The devil is well able to send people into your life, full of negativity, who just eat out what
God is trying to do, and you don't even know it. You've got some sense of false loyalty, you're holding on to those
people, thinking that this is going to change them. Well, if they haven't changed in three years, what makes you think
they're going to change? But what's been happening to you, while that negativity's been getting into your ears? Think
about it - fast off negativity.
To fast off negativity means, I need to recognise Lord, I need you to show me in my heart, where I have embraced
negative thoughts, doubts, despair, unbelief, self-pity, reasonings, where I've listened to gossip, listened to rumours,
focussed on negative things. I want you to show me where the things are. Every time you show me something, I'm
repenting, I'm disagreeing with it. I'm breaking my agreement with that thing, and I'm going to begin to declare the
things that You say to me.
Start off - give up the news for a while. Give up your papers. Give up the television. Give up the stuff that's filling you
full of despair and hopelessness. Fast off it. Some people can't even begin a day without having to look at the news,
see what's happening. I'll tell you what's happening - it's all bad. Well, that's the bit they're reporting on, but actually
there's heaps of good stuff, but you didn't hear about that. See, you didn't hear about that, unless you looked at Shine
TV or something like that. You didn't hear about it on most of the main channels. The main channels are concerned
with the negativity. It sells. People are absorbed with it. There's something in us - we want to see someone else fail
and fall so we'll feel better. How perverse.
Hey, God wants us to change on the inside. Come on, let's make a decision in our heart. Listen, the Bible says if you
believe with your heart and confess with your mouth, Christ is Lord, salvation comes to you. If that's how our faith
starts, that's how it continues. I believe that God provides for me. I believe that God comes through for me. I let my
heart dwell and meditate on His word, until it truly is rooted in my heart.
I refuse to agree with the doubts and the negatives. I begin to speak day by day. I b elieve You're my portion. I believe
You are all I need to fulfil my life. I believe, and as I begin to declare those things, I start to make a way in my life for
the spirit of God to move afresh.
Let's close our eyes right now. Father, we just thank you th at you are committed to teach and instruct us, and to
cancel and break the power of negativity, which rests like a blanket over New Zealand, over so many people in this
nation. It shouldn't be here Lord, we have such a fine nation, such a wonderful place to live, and yet Lord, we confess
to You today, that we have imbibed of the spirit of the nation, negativity and criticism and judgementalism. Today we
repent of those things, and turn from them, and we ask Lord, You begin to help us and give grace, that ou r heart
might be filled with good things. Whatsoever things are good and true and just, lovely and have good rapport, any
virtue, any praise, any good thing; Lord, we give ourselves to think on those things, and reflect those things from our
life, that Your spirit might move supernaturally, and our lives could have a powerful impact.
Father, I ask that for every one of us, over the coming months Lord, the whole issue of negativity will begin to be
exposed by Your spirit, and we'll be given grace to repent a nd change, that our words might be words that refresh
and build people. Bless them, and speak words that break bondages, and bring releases of the power of God. Lord, I
just thank You right now You're going to do it.
1. Introduction:
· Joshua 3:5 - “Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you”.
· People of God positioned to receive their promised inheritance.
· God requires hem “sanctify yourselves” – prepare heart/life so positioned to receive.
· Sanctify = 6942 = to prepare, dedicate, set apart.