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See, everyone wants to see something happen, but you've got to shift on the inside first. We getting the idea? Getting
the idea, so change your outer world. Now I'll just give you one last thing on that one, your realm of responsibility.
Have a look at this in 1 Samuel, Chapter 17. Dave referred to this the other Sunday, it was just great. Now here's
ruling your outer world, and it says here in 1 Samuel, Chapter 17, Verse 42; The Philistine - that's Goliath - looked at
David, and he despised him, because he was just a youth. You're just a little boy! He's a hardened battle warrior, and
he says am I a dog, you come to me with sticks? And he cursed him by his gods. Now what you understand is he's
releasing a spirit of intimidation upon David. He's releasing cursings upon him. He's attacking him, and this is the way
the devil tries to deal with us, in terms of life. He tries to accuse us, put us down, make you feel little, remind you of
your failures, but David - notice this - he stood up, and he spoke the word of God. He began to declare how the battle
would work out. He said today I'll lay you out fully on the ground, and I'll take your head off, and the birds in the air will
eat you! I like that, that's good talk. That's fairly positive affirmation about how the battle will go.
Now you've got to realise, he's actually speaking prophetically. He's not speaking because he's hyped up, and he's
really excited with youthful enthusiasm. There's much, much more to him than that. He's got a proven track record of
battles won, depending on the Lord. See long before he met Goliath, he met a heap of other things as well, including
a lion, and a bear, and you see he said the Lord who helped me there, is going to help me here. You see there was
an anointing on his life, and he knew see, that the enemy comes at him cursing him, putting him down, trying to
intimidate him. Now you've got to understand this. This is a battle-hardened man, and he's got demons operating
around him, and he's intimidated a whole army, including Saul, who was the champion. He was actually head and
shoulders above everyone. He should have been able to take him on, but e ven he's intimidated. You see there's a
spiritual atmosphere has been released that's intimidated everyone, shut everyone down, and in the middle of it, a
young boy rises up who's got something in his inner world!
See the problem, the others had nothing in their inner world. Saul was defeated. He had no presence over his life, he
had no anointing, no faith. He was defeated. He never walked in the word of God. He actually reacted to the word of
God, and now here's a young boy turns up, and here he is, 17 yea rs old, and he says listen, you come against me
with a shield and a spear, I come against you in the name of the Lord God of Israel, who's armies you have defied,
and this is how the battle is going to go today. I will lay you out on the ground. I'll use your sword, and take off your
head, and then the birds will eat you, then the rest of your army will be put to flight. That's how it's going to be.
But you understand, he has already formed and built his inner world. When they said you can't do that, he said listen,
I've got a proven track record. I'll do it. You watch me, and it says he ran to the giant - zonk! And Goliath got the
biggest headache he's ever had in his whole life. While he's lying on the ground complaining about that migraine, he
lost his head completely! See now you've got to think about this. See David first shaped his inner world, then shaped
his outer world, and every one of those things, shaping your inner world, shaping your relationships, shaping your
spiritual atmosphere, shaping the world around you - David did all of those things. He was actually a man of the spirit
and word of God, and he's an example you and I can follow.
Father, we just thank you for what you're teaching us about the need to frame our world by the word of God, jus t as
you framed the natural world. You want us to frame the world that we live in as your representatives. Lord, firstly you
want us to frame and shape the world within our heart and life and inner man; the thoughts, dreams, desires,
passions, the way we think, our perspective and Lord, you want us to shape what's around us. You want us to shape
the world around us, the spiritual atmosphere, so instead of depression and heaviness the spirit of God is there to
bring hope and help and life. Lord, you want us to shape the environment, the relationships around us. You want us
to shape the environment. I'm asking Lord over these next weeks, a spirit of faith will begin to arise among every
believer here, a spirit of faith, an ability to believe that the word of God embraced in the heart, and spoken with the
mouth, and acted on in the life, will release change into lives in 2008. Lord, we thank you that every generation you
have men and women who dared to believed.
T he Creative Power of the T ongue – Part 2
23 December 07
1. Introduction:
· Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”.
· We use words to express ourselves – ideas, dreams, desires, fears, pain.
· T his ability is exclusive to humans – we are spirit beings able to release spirit life.
· Last week: God used words
i) T o Create/ Release Supernatural Power
ii) T o Establish, Nurture and Protect relationships
· We are called to act as His ambassadors – speak and act on His behalf.
· This week: “Shaping your World by the Word of God”.