Taming The Tongue HTML version

Faith confessions, confessing what God says, releases Jesus to work on my behalf and bring it about. Hebrews,
Chapter 3, Verse 1. Prophetic words; prophetic words are words that God gives me to speak, that bring
encouragement and edification, to build up people, touch them, they begin to weep. I've seen people - just words and
they cry when you speak words that have got the spirit of love, and hope, and encouragement in them. Wonderful!
Wonderful gift to have. Notice this, interesting thing this. It says all may prophesy. It doesn't say anything about any
other gift, but all may prophesy. Why? Because all have got a tongue called to build, nurture, encourage, develop
relationships. Another thing we can do is faith commands, in Mark, Chapter 11. Faith command is where you speak in
the name of Jesus to sickness, speak to demons, speak to invisible powers, speak to things that won't seem to move,
and they move. No one's got any idea why and how they moved, but you know because you used your tongue to
speak words that released heaven into the earth. Absolutely wonderful - just like we're designed to do, we've just got
to learn how to do it. We'll teach you how to do that next year. And finally prayer. James 5:16, the Bible says the
prayer of a righteous man, it releases great power into the earth, one of the modern translations. Is that fantastic?
Well isn't this great. We're called to represent God and in representing Him we can nurture and build and encourage
relationships. We can release the power of God into the earth, and we can honour Him. What a wonderful deal our
tongue is given for - all that, and we can eat Hokey Pokey ice cream as well. [Laughter] Man oh man, what a deal
aye! All of that, and strawberries and ice cream as well. It's great. You can do all of that.
But you see the thing is, the reality is, we've misused the tongue, because we didn't understand what it was for, and
now God is saying up to another level next year, up to another level. Start to become a person who can build, who
can establish, who can nurture, who can develop, who can encourage relationship. Yo u've got a word in season, who
can come to someone and bring a word of God to them, who can speak the word of God, pray the word of God,
knows their authority, can start to command things. Oh no, it's not for me. Of course it's for you, you were designed
for it. It wasn't for the dog down the road you know. It's actually for people. People are designed in connection with
God to do all of these things. The problem is, we just don't believe in our heart we can do it, or we don't know what to
do. Next year we're going to show you what to do, and how to do it, and believe for everyone start to come up to
another level.
How many are involved in that prophetic evangelism over the weekend? Okay, keep your hand up. Now just put your
hand down again. Here we go. How many of you found that the words you spoke touched people's lives? Whoa ho!
Look at that! And we saw people saved by it. A new creation came into being, because you spoke. The church's time,
the church got it's tongue.
Father, we just thank You for the great love You've given to us. We thank You for the great and wonderful power that
You've put in a man and woman of faith who believe You, who love You and are connected to You. What a privilege.
What a deal to be able to represent You in the earth, and to be able to bring forth the life of God, creative life into
relationships, into businesses, into troubled situations, to have a word from heaven that changes it all. Oh my, we
thank You, what a privilege, what an honour. Lord, we've just got to give You the g lory. We've got to gi ve You the
praise and thank You Lord, You've destined us to do such wonderful things. Come on, let's give the Lord a clap
[Applause] shall we? Let's stand on our feet. Let's honour Him.
1. Introduction:
· Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”.
· Words we speak are containers – the carry a „spirit content'.
· Words we speak impact our life, relationships and future.
· We looked at the impact of Lying, Gossip, Flattery, Empty Words, Put Down Words, Angry Words.
· Now – the power use of the tongue – as God designed us.
2. Hoe God uses Words:
· Law of 1st mention – Genesis outlines the pattern and designs.
· God used Words:
1) T o Create by Releasing:
· Genesis 1:1-4 - “And God said let there be light …it was good”.
· T he first recorded use o f words in the Bible, the creation of the natural realm.
· Words have power to create when spoken with faith – they release Power.
· Hebrews 11:3 - “By faith we understand the world we framed by the Word of God”.
· T he created world was made out of things not visible, no seen.
· “Framed” = 2675 = to put together, put in order or arrange, make what ought to be.
2) T o Establish, Nurture and Protect Relationship:
· Genesis 1:26 - “Let us make man in our image according to our likeness and let them have dominion”.
· God established man for relationships with Him by the use of words.
· God established a purpose and design for that relationship with words – Genesis 3:8.
· God protected the relationship by setting boundaries and speaking truth.
· Note: Eve fell into sin by listening to words.