Taming The Tongue HTML version

stupid, you're thick, you'll never come to anything. Now, you see and you begin to agree with that, because you a re
wounded by it, very soon oh, I can't do much. I can't do anything - so God begins to come into your life, and He talks
about your destiny. Oh, I can't do that. See, we're in agreement with the past words spoken. Got to break the
Now one of the things that David was preaching and speaking into the church as prophetic word was, we need to
resolve the past, and become empowered in the present. Then our future begins to reflect what God has given us, to
break the things of the past we've got to recognise them, and break my agreement with them. Sometimes that means
I've got to forgive people who've hurt me, but always it means I need to cancel my agreement with the words and the
thoughts, and begin to speak something different.
The Bible tells us a whole kind of lot of words that people speak that create problems: lying words; flattering words;
too many words. See, empty words; - we'll maybe share some of those soon, but what I want to just talk about that
agreement. Let me just finish with this last thing here now, just on this area.
Number one, the words we agree with; number two, the words we speak. Now let me just give you a second one, and
that is Abraham. This is a really good example is Abraham. Abraham's a brilliant example. I'll tell you why he's a
brilliant example. Do you know God said? God said, I want you to look up, see Abram, see all the stars? He said
that's what your descendants are going to be like. Have a look down, you see the sand? That's what your
descendants are going to be like, and you know what? In order to get this right, I'm going to change your name, and
this is what I want you to do. You're not going to be called Abram. You're going to be called Abraham, so at any time
anyone says to you who are you, you won't say oh, I'm Abram, and I'm old, and my wife's old, and we've got no kids.
What you'll say is, at 90-plus and your wife's 90-plus, He said you'll begin to declare I'm the father of nations, and
every night when you look up at the stars, your heart will begin to be fille d with the vision of a multitude. Every day
when you rise up, and someone says who are you? I'm the father of nations. When you look out, and you walk
through the desert and see the sand, your heart will be filled with My promise. Day and night, your heart will fill with
My promise. See, the heavens and the earth will speak My promise to you.
Now we don't have that. We have the word of God, so God wants us day and night to have His word come into our
heart about who we are, and what we're called to do, and what we can do, and what we can be, and then we need to
give voice to it. If someone says who are you? Oh well, I'm just an old man. Listen! I'll tell you who you are! You're a
child of God! You're the daughter and son of a king! You're royal family, desti ned to rule, destined to reign. You have
a destiny! Listen, what are you agreeing with? What are you agreeing with? What words are you listening to in your
heart that are negative and defeat-filled words? You're reflecting them into your environment, and creating that kind of
Listen, we need to fast off that stuff. See fasting is not just having to do without. I'm actually going to cancel it's power
completely. I'm going to deal with this thing at it's root, and the root is always in the heart, and i t's expressed through
the mouth. See God wants us to come into agreement with Him. Let me just finish with one last scripture. The Bible
says in Hebrews 3, Verse 1, Jesus is the high priest of our confession. Now that word confession means, speaking
the same thing that God is saying about us, and about our circumstances. See, so what I need to do is, agree with
what God says about me, and about my family, and about my marriage, and about my finances, and about my world,
because if I agree with Him, I position myself to come up to actually see Him work on my behalf.
It says, Jesus is the high priest of what? The high priest's role was to go into the presence of God, intercede on
behalf of others, and begin to receive blessing and bring it out to the people. So when Jesus goes before the Father,
He's got something to go with. It's your confession! And not just talk and talk, and confessing about your sins. That's
the lowest level of confession - important, but it's not where - that's a start point. We confess our sins, positions us to
be forgiven, provided I believe Jesus died on the cross for them. But listen, see God is wanting us to access the
realm of the supernatural, so He has to have something to work with. When I come in here, we begin to praise the
Lord, and thank the Lord, express it. Why do we do that? Because I want Jesus to have something to work with.
I've got to give Him something to work with. I've got to give Him something from my heart; gratitude, praise,
confession. I've got to begin to declare things. You notice some of the songs, and the songs that help us come into
the presence of God, they are declaring things. See, you listen to that song, Lord, You're My Healer. You're My
Healer. You know, that man positioned himself to get the healing, be cause it was in His heart that God's a healer and
he spoke it out of his mouth. He said, I'm going to write a song about it. Even if I die, long after I've died, they'll still be
singing the song, Lord, You're My Healer. You're my portion.