Taming The Tongue HTML version

them. I don't know how they walk, they've got a funny way of walking. They don't walk straight. They've kind of got
their tail hooked in under them, you know? When you see them you think what's happened here? Obviously they've
been intimidated and frightened, but a lot of people walk through life like that, like some kind of cowered, beaten up,
dog you know? That's not what we're called to be. We're sons of th e living God! We're sons and daughters of the
living God! We're ambassadors of heaven! We have access to the presence of God! We can create an environment
that nurtures us. We can build relationships that strengthen us and cause us to be encouraged. We can get in a small
group, we've got people around us can speak words of life and prophesy o ver us, and speak the word of God into our
life. We can pray in tongues, and build our spirit man, and begin to access the presence of God, and begin to have an
environment that's different! That's what you're called to be. See, you're not to live out of the environment around you,
but to carry the environment of heaven to that place. But that's a growth step too. You don't just suddenly arrive there.
You grow your way there, but you have to realise if you're in a verbally destructive, violent situation you must do
something. To do nothing is to be beaten down, and wounded, and damaged for all of your life by what is happening,
and you are too special and important for that to happen.
You make a decision; I won't live with put downs. I won't live with negatives. I won't live with these things. I won't be
put down any more. What I will do is, I will begin to arise and handle things differently, whether that means confront i t,
quieten it and calm it down, whether it means withdraw from it, I'll do whatever is needed to do this. If it means that
I've got to spend time alone and change my friends, begin to build a different kind of environment around me that
supports the life of God, I'll do that. I WILL pursue the person that I'm called to be. See, you're called to do that.
You're called to do that. You're called to do that and that's what will make you different, because others will look
around, they'll say how did you get where you are? They want to know because they need your help to get there.
So whatever you've been through, whatever you've faced, God's just ready there to help you get up, be a winner in it.
That's what you're wired up to be, a winner in life; a winner in w hatever situation, a winner! You say well, you don't
understand how bad my situation - well, what a great chance for Jesus to raise the dead! Suppose you got killed and
knocked down, battered, beaten, broken and there you are, crushed, don't even know who you are, whatever. Well
that's as close to death as you can get. Jesus raises the dead!
He has the power to lift you up, but you've got to tap into it by faith in Him, and engaging Him at a heart level over
these things. So over these few weeks God has been doing that, and tonight's an opportunity for you, if you've been
subject to verbal violence, to cursing, words spoken over you that put you down, this is your time to make a decision,
I will break out of that. If you're a person here tonight, and you've never ever actually walked with God, known what it
is to have a personal connection with the Lord, tonight's your night to make that decision, to come to Jesus Christ. He
came to give you life. That implies something. If He came to give you life, and give it more abundantly, it means
you're living below your potential, and to maximise what God has called you to be, you must connect with the one
who created you.
Come on, let's close our eyes right now. Maybe there's someone here tonight, and you know what I'm talking about.
You just know what this is. You think man, I think he must have known, must have read my mail or something. He's
talking just about my life, but friend tonight God loves you. You are loved by God. You are valued by God. I have
taught people around the world to hear the voice of God, and almost every time they feel Him love them, and they
hear Him say I love you, I love you. You are special to Me. Words from heaven - what wonderful words. Words from
heaven; I love you, you are very special to Me. God Himself telling you He loves you. I have been to meetings where
God's love started to touch people, people felt the love of God, and then they began to hear Him say, I love you,
you're very special to Me.
When you've lived years with put downs, abused for never being good enough, criticised, accused, attacked in
various ways verbally, then you hear a different kind of word, a word from heaven, I love you. Suddenly the well
springs of grief begin to break open; I'm valued. I'm important to God. See , connecting with heaven you connect with
the environment of God's glory and goodness, an environment where everything thrives.
1. Introduction:
· Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”.
· People are spirit beings – the words we speak are containers that carry spirit content.
· We use words to express ourselves – to express what is harbored in our inner man.
· Words we speak have power to impart death or life – to change the course of our world.
· James 3:3-5 - T he tongue – like a bridle or rudder – steers the course o f our life.
· T his week: Shaping the Inner World by the Word of God.
2. Changing the Way You Speak:
· Ephesians 4:29 - “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for edification that it might impart grace to the hearers”.