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i) Blocked Goal - I have a right to get my way, what I want.
ii) Badly T reated - I have a right to be treated fairly.
iii) Injustice - I have a right to just treatment.
When anger is out of proportion to the event there is probably many
unresolved „injustices” that have accumulated.
5. How to Handle your Anger:
· T he example of Jesus:
- 1 Peter 2:21-23 - He committed himself to him who judges right.
- 1 Peter 4:19 - commit your souls to Him in doing good.
· Key issue is one of ownership and personal rights.
· Practical:
1) Admit the feelings 2) Create space to process
3) Let – energy out constructively 4) Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal root
5) Surrender rights to God 6) Look for constructive ways to
Address issues – Do Good!
How to Handle Angry People:
· Don't feed of their anger or react to it.
i) Speak quietly, touch arm.
Proverbs 15:1
Ecclesiastes 10:4
ii) Ask questions to understand the person.
James 1:19
iii) Withdraw – boundary abusive controlling behaviour.
iv) Confront at appropriat e time to obtain changes in the behaviour.
How many know we live in a culture that really puts people down? If we don't b reak out of things which are spoken
against us, then those negative words spoken in our life which we agree with will soon speak, and b egin to set the
course of our destiny.
How many know we live in a culture that really puts people down? We're just going to talk tonight about breaking
through verbal violence, and I want to pick up where I was speaking this morning, so even if you weren't there this
morning it won't make any difference. You'll still be fine, be able to pick it up from where we go tonight. I want to just
share just a few scriptures with you, then I want to talk primarily about how you break out, and if we don't break out of
things which are spoken, then those things which are spoken, we agree with, negative words spoken in our life, which
we agree with, we will soon speak, and they will begin to set the course of our destiny.
So it's really important that we understand the power of words. What we've been doing in the last three or four weeks
is we've been looking at various aspects of the words that we speak, different kinds of words people speak, and I've
taken time. I was hoping to do that all in one session by the way, then what the Holy Ghost did was He said no, He
said it took me a long time to sort these things out in your life, so you can take time to sort them out in everyone
else's too, so just take your time because - He said this, He said you'll never move forward, to be able to m ove in
speaking God's word to change environments prophetically, unless you recognise where the words you speak
actually are poisoning the environment.
The Bible says in James 3, out of the same mouth receives blessing and cursing, it shouldn't be like tha t. So o ver
these last three or four weeks the Holy Ghost has been just speaking into our hearts about the kinds of words we
speak, the quality of the words, and what kinds of things are coming out of your mouth, and how they're affecting the
people around you. So tonight I want to pick up one particular aspect. We started on it this morning, but I'm going to
pick it up tonight again, and begin to just share with you how you can break out of it. I believe there'll be many people
here that will begin to start to realise you need to break out, and then not just to break out, but to stay out, and to stay
free of the spiritual put downs that are prevalent in our society. You get in school - man, one of the worst places to put
people down is schools. Young people are just shocking to one another. Unfortunately many teachers are like that
too, and our culture is like that. Everywhere you go, there's this spirit that comes to try and contain or hold the
dreamers down.