Taming The Tongue HTML version

covenant. See words on earth are listened to in the heavens. You speak cursing words, demons are just waiting, and
they become empowered to begin to operate, so you can speak words into your own life. You can agree with words
about your own life, and that way as you begin to give voice to them, that will cause demons to operate against you.
You can agree with the words other people speak, and then when you agree with them and begin to repeat them,
what happens then our demons are unleashed. See, agreement on the earth, and then giving voice to what we've
agreed with, activates things in the supernatural realm. We have to understand the importance of that.
Of course, as you begin to realise this and start to fast, to break negative words and to tame the tongue - Bible says
no man can tame it, only the Holy Ghost can tame your tongue. The first part of taming your tongue is to realise what
it's saying, so I want to give you some pictures, some word pictures of what the tongue is likened to, or what our
words are likened to. I'm going to give you about six different word pictures. I'll show you where they're found in the
Bible, but I want you to get the picture of it, because as you get the picture of it, you begin to think my God, are my
words like that! This sweet person sitting there and you look so nice and we all look lovely, got our hands raised to
Jesus today and then tomorrow something else is coming out of our tongue, see?
The Bible says it shouldn't be like that. You know today you're blessing God, and tomorrow you're cursing someone
near to you, that you're supposed to be loving. Come on now. I want to give you some word pictures. These are good
ones I found in the - these are really [laughs] man, I was shocked. In 2 Timothy 2, Verse 17, it says in talking about
certain kinds of people, it says their word eats like cancer - or if you look up the original it means like Gangrene. I
don't know if you've ever seen Gangrene. Gangrene is where the flesh has actually died, and not only has it died, it's
started to turn green and give a horrible smell off, and it not only does that, it begins to poison the body. So if a
person gets Gangrene in them, if they get Gangrene in them, then what happens is you've got to amputate that limb.
There isn't any remedy. The flesh is actually dying, and it's starting to turn septic, and if you don't deal with it, it begins
to poison the whole body. When a person's got Gangrene, death is imminent. When there's Gangrene, death is
imminent. In the medical field - and I don't know a lot about it - but if they see Gangrene all the emergency bells go
off. You're into that operating theatre right quick, because it will poison the whole system. You can't have Gangrene in
one bit. It gets in and affects the whole lot, so it says there, words, it's talking about certain words eating your whole
life away, like a gangrene would eat a limb away, and poison the whole body.
Gangrene - ask somebody have you got gangrenous words? Oh, cancer. See the word cancer? Uses words like a
king. It's like it eats away, like a worm eating away. Think about that. That's a horrible picture. I don't like the smell of
that. I don't want to have cancer. I'll get you another couple of words. Here's another word found in James, Cha pter 3,
Verse 8. Just read the verse there, and it talks about words, or the tongue. Here it is; No man can tame the tongue,
for it us unruly or uncontrollable evil, full of deadly poison. Now that word poison there actually has two meanings to
it, so we're going to give you both meanings. You notice what it says, it says deadly. That means it carries death. The
tongue can carry death.
Imagine just carrying a little bag around on you and you got something to give to people. Here it is. Some people
have got a little bag of it, some people have got a huge bag of it, but here they're carrying it around and you know
what it is? That word deadly means death bearing. They carrying around death, ready to give it to someone, and the
word poison has two meanings. Num ber one, it means rust. It means literally rust. Any of you know about rust? Men
know about rust. Get it in your car, it's a big problem. In fact rust, you know you get it in your car, and it starts off as a
little bit, then it begins to spread and it starts off like a little wee bit on the surface, and then it begins to eat. Finally it's
eaten the metal out, then it begins to spread out, so you kind of cover it up and patch it up but it breaks out again. So
you cover it again and patch it up, breaks out again, put some paint over it. But in the end if there's rust there, it
always comes through the paint. No matter how good the car looks, the rust always come through the paint, so no
matter how sweet you dressed yourself up, no matter how good we look on th e outside, if we've got bitterness and
negativity in our heart, it's a rust that eventually shows through that fine paintwork of yours.
You go along and test a new car if you want to buy a second car. You go along and test it, the thing you want to look
for is rust. Some cars, in England, they put salt on the road where there's a lot of snow. Of course the car gets the
salt under it, and it just eats the thing out. You've got this fine looking car, but underneath she's all eaten out. It's
actually not fit for the road, so you take your car - now one of the things they'll put the car off the road for is rust. So
you get your car down there and it looks fine, starts up, got a lovely stereo pumping, looks nice, everything's painted
up and looks good. Take it down there and then they cancel the Warrant. There's no new Warrant given to you and
you say why? Why didn't I get a new Warrant? Look at the stereo! Look at the car seats. Look at the colour, look at
the paint on the thing, it's brilliant! And the y say it's got rust underneath in the chassis - so it's not roadworthy.
How about a Christian being not roadworthy? Called on a great mission, but no Warrant of Fitness. Got no Warrant of
Fitness, what happens? You leave your car parked out on the road, no Warrant o f Fitness, come on. Now don't tell