Taming The Tongue HTML version

- Establish boundaries to Put Downs.
- Meditate on God's Word.
ii) Reject the Words / Spirit of Put Down:
· E.g. David; Jesus; Nehemiah.
· Agree with God's Words – encouraged.
· Minimize exposure to people who Put Down.
· Establish supportive relationships.
Philemon 6
The words that we come into agreement with, and then begin to speak forth, create and shape our future and our
destiny. Who are we agreeing with?
Great to be able to just exalt Jesus aye? What a great privilege we have that you and I, with our heart or with our lips,
can do things that open up heaven, and bring heaven into earth. What an amazing thing aye, with your heart and
your mouth, you can bring heaven to earth - or hell of course. You can bring hell to earth as well. You know you've
got to choose on that one, but oh, if only we woul d just understand the power of agreement, the power of our heart
agreeing with God, and beginning to declare what God says is true. It opens the doorway through which the life of
God can flow - wonderful Jesus. We are in agreement Lord today, that heaven w ill invade earth and your presence
will invade our lives. Amen ... Thank you Lord, wow, just enjoying God.
We've had a wonderful weekend with God touching young people. We'll get Steve to come up and just share just
what he saw happening there and how he saw God touch young people. You know, in all my years growing and what
- I ne ver saw God move, never saw anything. I went to schools that taught about God, and went to church that taught
about God, but never ever in my younger years growing up, 20, 30 years almost, never saw God move. I look at
these young ones here, and they're not only seeing God move, they're actually e xperiencing Him, and encountering
Him. I thought oh, the privilege to be part of a new generation that can access the presence of God. Wha t a great
thing to be in a church that God comes too, you know? How we just love His presence - you've got to lo ve the
presence of God. To love His presence is to love Him as a person, and a lot of people, God is sort of out there and
impersonal but He wants to be personal see. So He told us - Jesus made two promises, some promises before He
ascended into heaven.
He promised we'd never be alone, we'd never be an orphan, we'd never be abandoned, we'd never be on our own.
We may experience a time when people abandon us. We may experience difficult circumstances in life, but He
promised I will not leave you an orphan, I'll not leave you without someone to parent you. Then He promised He
would pour His spirit into our life, that we would be joined to the Holy Sp irit and then become empowered by the Holy
Spirit to fulfil an eternal destiny, a purpose and assignment of God. What an amazing thing. Boy, that's got to be
great. Now that beats anything the world's got to offer, to have something that lasts for eternity.
Today I was hearing about family members and all the nice houses they're building and everything and I thought oh,
I'd love them to see the house I'm building. [Laughter] Their one will go up in smoke, but this one will go forever, see?
It'll go on forever - a house where Jesus is welcomed and celebrated, a house where His presence come and
miracles happen. Oh, that's the house we're building, the house of the living God, an eternal house that lasts forever,
and ever, and ever, and I read the end of the book, and it says that house shall come from heaven into the earth, and
every nation shall see it, and the glory of that house shall be greater than anything that's ever been seen. That's what
we're building. It's great, all get excited about things like th at, get a vision for building something great. An yway,
Steve's going to tell us. I'm just enjoying God. I need to get Steve up - come on, tell us about what God's been doing.
[Steve] Oh I tell, man we had such an awesome weekend, and every camp that we have is just totally awesome, but
I'll tell you this one - man, it would have to be - we called it a Supernatural Kid's Camp, because we've said to Pastor
Mike, well you're coming and I don't know if you can do any clowning or puppets or anything like that, but one thing I
do know is that Pastor Mike is awesome when it comes to the supernatural. So we said Pastor Mike, just do what you