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· A major issue in NZ culture is “Put Downs”.
· Put Downs can take many forms but all have similar character.
i) Words are spoken – spiritually empowered by the heart of the speak er.
ii) A spirit of murder / death is released against the person being put down.
· Psalm 55:21 - “Words of mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart his words were softer than oil, yet they are drawn swords”.
· Psalm 64:3 - “ Who sharpen their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows – bitter words”.
· T he roots behind put downs are bitterness, hatred and envy.
· Hate is the root of murder – to deprive a person of life in any manner.
i) Put downs are a form o f cursing.
ii) Put downs are an attack upon a persons identity to shame them.
· People who have been put down - tend to put others down (cycle of cursing)
4. 3 Common Sources of Put Downs:
i) Family Dynamics:
· Some families and cultures is filled with „Put Downs'.
· Men put down woman, woman put down men, adults put down children.
· Name calling.
· Nicknames – especially if the person is gifted or di fferent.
· Abusive words.
· Genesis 37:4-5 - Josephs brothers hated him, could not speak peacefully to him.
· 1 Samuel 17:28 - David's brothers „put him down' for coming to the battle.
· Some cultures are filled with „violent' put downs.
· Put downs are a fo rm of control.
ii) Bitter Humor:
· Joy is one of the characteristics of the Kingdom of Heav en
– Romans 14:17
· Humor = ability to see the funny aspect o f a situation.
· Humor can become „dark' when used as a form of put down.
· Nehemiah 2:19 - “They laughed as to scorn and despised us”.
· Ridicule = to make fun o f a person with the intention of humiliating them.
· Mocking humor or humor with a bitter edge “put people down”.
· Luke 8:53 - T hey ridiculed Jesus, knowing she was dead.
· Jesus' response: “put them all out” – protected the environment so that the miracle of resu rrection can happen.
iii) T all Poppy Syndrome:
· T all Poppy is a successful person or achiev er.
· T all Poppy Syndrome = Lords or nations that put down or equalize them into who stand out above others because o f excellen ce or achievement.
Origin – reaction to British class distinction, reaction to people who project an ego, self-importance or desire to impress others.
· Evolved – reaction to any person who stands out from others as excellent or achieving in their field.
· T PS is a manifest ation of bitterness and envy.
· Berry Franklin = “You cannot strengthen one by weakening another. You cannot add to the statue of a dwarf by cutting of the leg of a giant”.
· Envy = longing to possess what belongs to another.
· Jealousy – feeling of res entment that someone else has gained something you feel entitled to.
· Mark 15:10 - Pharisees manifested - T PS – envy of Jesus.
· T PS manifest when another person :
i) gets a new car
ii) gets promotion
iii) succeeds
iv) gets recognition
Who does he thing he is? Probably cheated.
· James 3:14 - Bitter envying and selfish ambition => T PS.
· 1 Corinthians 12:26 - One member is honored, all members rejoiced with it.
4. Dealing with Put Downs:
Psalm 18:14 - “The spirit of a man sustains his infirmity, but a broken spirit who can fear?”
· “Put Downs” impart a spirit of murder that:
i) Wounds the persons spirit.
ii) Imparts shame – loss of value and esteem.
iii) Destroys initiative and excellence.
iv) Removes people from God's positioning and shuts down their gifts.
· How you respond? – determines the course of your li fe.
· T wo Options:
i) Receive the words / spirit of put down, agree with them.
„I'm of no value'.
„I never do anything right'.
Once a person ag rees with the Put Down words they come into agreement with the demons behind them.
· T hey interpret all life / relationships through wrong belief.
· Innocent comments, actions are interpreted as Put Downs.
· Honest feedback is interpreted as Put Downs.
· Person is in agreement with the “Shame Message”.
· Need to:
- Repent of Agreement.
- Forgive and Bless those who cursed.