Taming The Tongue HTML version

You choose what spirit you'll wear. Why don't you put on the garment of glory, put on the spirit of God, put on a
garment of praise, begin to be a different kind of person, make a difference, instead of coming under that thing! Stand
up and say whoa! Well God put me in this school to make a difference. How am I going to go about doing it? God put
me in this street to make a difference; how can I do it? God has put me in this community to make a difference; how
can I do it? How can I be all that God wants me to be? That's what you've got to do, and if we can start to do that, you
know what'll happen? Everything will change. When you stop echoing the negatives an d put downs, and give voice to
what God says, creative miracles happen. The Bible says in Job, He will decree, and it will happen. That's what I like,
but you've got to change on the inside, change on the inside. Come on young people, the community you live in, the
school you live in, the young people you're with, all want to put you down, and when they've got you down, they'll
offer a comfort, a way out, called drugs, or sex, or all kinds of stuff.
It's anything to feel better. You look at all the young on es you know around you, that are into that scene. All of them
have got the same thing; they carry a put down, and they don't know what to do with it. Because they don't know what
to do with it, they've got to make themselves feel better, so they drink unti l they chuck. They do weird stuff to show
off, and all of it's because they're put down on the inside. They're wearing something. They're wearing a garment. Oh,
they look cool, they talk bravado, but inside there's broken people wearing a garment of shame and trying to feel
You've got what it takes. You've just got to lay hold of it and say, I'm going to stand up. I'm not going to live ashamed
of being a Christian. I've got the answers for them. There's an authority in me to cast the demons out that torment
that person! I'm connected to the one who gives eternal life! See? I'm not talking about being geeky here. We're
talking about actually being bold, see? Being bold. You've got to be bold. The only way you can be bold, is if you
shake off the put downs, and know who you are. Who are you? See, some of you are artists, you're creative, some of
you are musicians, some of you have got great gifts and abilities. You've just got to stand up and be who God called
you to be. Don't cop y someone else. How can you be them? God threw away the mould when He made them. You've
got to be you. You've got to be you. If you can accept you - you know an interesting thing, we've got a room in there.
It's a good room. It's called a mirror room. Kids love it. They go in there - adults go in there, open the door, take one
look at AAAH! A mirror - and out! You would be amazed how many adults run from the dreaded mirror room. Why do
they run?
I'll tell you why the y run - because they see themselves, and they don't like what th ey see. You should be able to look
in the mirror and say oh, you're beautiful, made in the image of God! Full of glory. Today's another great day for us.
Come on, the reason you can't do it, is because you've got issues - time to chuck the issues, stop being in agreement
with them, cancel them until you can stand up in who you are! Be a beautiful person, a wonderful gift to the
community, a wonderful expression of God's uniqueness in you!
1. Introduction:
· T he words we agree with in our hearts and speak with our mouth shape our future.
· James 3:2-5 - “We put bits in horses mouths that they may obey us”.
T he tongue is like:
1) Bit in horses mouth.
2) Rudder on a ship.
T he words we speak forth control the direction our life takes.
· E.g. Numbers 14:28 - “…just as you have spoken in my hearing, I will do to you”.
· Note:
i) Joshua 6:10 - Israel forbidden to speak (negatively) prior to miracle.
ii) Luke 1:18-20 - Zechariah forbidden to speak prior to birth of John the Baptist.
2. T here is Power in Your Words:
a) Proverbs 18:21 - “death and life is in the power of the tongue”.
· Your ability to speak is part of the nature of God.
· Your words carry power – to destroy or to build.
· E.g. Mark 11:21 - Jesus spoke words to a fig tree – he cursed it and it withered and died.
b) John 6:63 - “The words I speak have spirit and they have life”.
· Words that are spoken from the heart release “spiritual energy” into the atmosphere.
· Words we speak can attracted the pres ence o f demons or angels.
· Words spoke create a spiritual atmosphere that motives are polluted.
· Words are seldom “neutral” – they impart the „spirit' of the person speaking.
· E.g. Deuteronomy 1:28 - “Our brethren have discouraged our hearts”.
- Words spoken surface and rein force issues people have in their heart.
- E.g. offence, negativity, unbelief, gossip, slander.
3. The Spiritual dynamic of “Put Downs”
· “Put Down” = a remark or act intended to humiliate or embarrass another person.
· Humiliate = to cause a person painful loss of dignity, personal value, so they feel shame, embarrassm ent or self-conscious.