Taming The Tongue HTML version

You fasted to break the power of something in your life, and the moment you started fasting, it just suddenly got very,
very bad, it got worse, aye? It's because now you've made a decision to war with it, it rises up to see how determined
you are. See, sin has a life of it's own - so the Bible tells us then, not to grieve the Holy Ghost, not to cause Him to
withdraw, not to cause Him to shut down. I want to talk with you a little bit about the power that is in your words. I
want to make a statement that I felt the Holy Ghost put in my heart to day. I'll read it so I get it right. The words we
agree with, and the words we speak, create our future. That's powerful isn't it? I'm still thinking about that one. The
words we agree with, and the words we speak, create our future. What words are you agr eeing with? What words
has your heart come in agreement and embraced and said, I believe that? Very soon you will be speaking those
words, and the words that you have agreed in your heart and spoken with your mouth then begin to shape your future
and your destiny.
Man, if you just got that bit you'd be doing well wouldn't you? I'm still thinking about that. The words we agree with,
and the words we speak, shape our future - so our words have got tremendous power. Your words reveal who you
are. You see you can put on act, you can do all kinds of things, but after a little while of listening, your words will show
who you are, what kind of person you are. See, if we could just following you around, hear everything you were
saying, you know what? We'd know exactly what kind of person you are, because your words come out of your heart.
So the Bible tells us the words are the overflow of our heart. In Matthew, Chapter 12, Verse 34, it tells us, out of the
abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks - so whatever's in your heart, whatever is you, see? Whatever's in your
heart will overflow and come out your mouth, and so all you've got to do is catch yourself, what am I saying? Then
you'll find out exactly what really is in your heart. So I know we come to church, we si ng happy songs, and we love
Jesus, and it's a wonderful feeling and all that kind of stuff, and it's beautiful. We feel the presence of God, but we've
got often in that kind of situation unaware what is really in our heart. But if we listen to our words, a fter a while we'll
begin to see what is in our heart. You've just got to listen and out of the heart, the mouth will speak.
Listen to the words. Now when you're listening to words, it's not just what they say, it's the impact, or the feel they
create with the words. You see, Jesus said the words: I speak, they are spirit, and they are life. So when Jesus
speaks words, they impart something of a spirit nature. That's why the first words that's recorded, God spoke, created
something, so words can create something, so whatever's in your heart is creating something. So for example, if
you're constantly critical of your husband, or constantly critical of your wife, constantly speaking and giving voice to
negative things, you are creating a very sad marriage. You're actually creating the future, you then have to live with.
Think about that.
Your words are creating an atmosphere, an environment, which will either sustain your life and nourish you, or will
cause you to wither like a plant without water. Words. People want words. We need words. Even Jesus said, Matthew
4:4, man shall not live by bread alone. In other words, food is not enough to sustain us. Our soul needs words, words
that love, words that encourage, words that build, prophetic words that speak destiny. There's a generation dying
because there are no fathers to speak words of encouragement, love and faith and destiny. Without those words,
people get lost. They don't know where to go. They're looking for something, so they look in the bottle, they look i n
drugs, they look in the cell, they look on the internet, look with games, look with high speed cars. They're looking for
something, but what is needed are creative words to shape destiny.
You and I have got a unique ability to be able to create with our mouth, not only in our own life, but in the lives of
others. Whoa! See, so whatever words you agree with, whatever you're speaking is creating a world around you. So
what kind of atmosphere are you creating? You know you go into some people's places and they make you welcome
and you feel quite, you know - but you go in, you feel man, what's in this place? Feel the atmosphere, and that
atmosphere is actually spiritual atmosphere created by the words you speak, so either you've invited the Holy Spirit
and the angels of God into your house, and the words you speak are cultivating that atmosphere, or you've invited
demons into the house so now they're causing all kinds of other things.
Now I was just thinking about words, and sometimes you know, we kind of meekl y agree with this, but I started to
look in the Bible for some word pictures of what words are like, and I got some beauties. I started to look and search
through the Bible and find out some pictures. Now sometimes when you hear words spoken, the impact, you don't
fully appreciate it, but when you get a picture - I only wish I'd had the time to get some pictures of this, because if I got
the pictures up, you'd be stunned enough to actually really have impact. I'll try and describe it to you, and I'll give you
some scripture references, but I don't want us to spend a lot of time just looking up the verses. I'll give you the
reference and what it says, but what I want you to do is get the picture it creates see, so that you begin to start to be
aware my words are the overflow of my heart, and they are creating something.
How do I get into a relationship with God? Words. How did you get married? Words. It's true. Words establish the
covenant. When those words were witnessed, and it was written down, the words yo u spoke - that's it. It's a binding