Taming The Tongue HTML version

You've got to take responsibility for our life. Notice here it tells us in Romans, Chapter 5, Verse 17, the last half of it, it
says those who receive abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness, will reign in life, will reign in life. Now that
means, you are wired to win, when you get connected to Jesus Christ. When you and I connect our lives to Jesus
Christ by faith, He implants His spirit, His DNA in us, and you are wired to win in life. God has no plan for you to fail.
He doesn't dream up plans whereby you can fail. He has one plan for you, and that is a plan that in every arena of life
you succeed, and no matter what is dished up to you, that you use that as a stepping stone, and you come out on top
at the end of it. See God wants you to win. Notice He said, those who r eceive - two things; number one, those who
receive the gift of righteousness, or in other words, those who by faith have embraced Jesus Christ, and come into a
place of right standing with Him. The key to being able to walk a life that wins, is our standin g with God.
Righteousness means I am in right standing with God, no sin issues in the way, I'm accepted, loved, valued. I'm
positioned for winning in life.
Second thing, out of that position I then need to access and receive words and power to live my life . So first, I've got
to be in connection and maintain that connection, secondly, I've got to learn how to draw from God what I need to
cope with, and handle, and overcome things in life. This morning we're talking about put downs in life. Let me define
again a put down for you. Put downs are words or actions intended to humiliate or embarrass you, or put you down.
Put downs are words or actions that are intended. Their intention is that you will be humiliated, your esteem will be
lowered, you'll feel ashamed, embarrassed, you'll be put down. That's what you do to an old dog aye, put him down?
Well people do that to people. They put them down, and some cultures are very, very bad. We have in New Zealand,
we were sharing this morning about a particular culture of the tall poppy syndrome. We defined it this morning, but a
poppy is an interesting plant. It's got a long, narrow stem with a poppy, beautiful flower on the top, and a tall poppy is
one that stands head and shoulders above everything else. The tall pop py syndrome is the tendency in our culture to
cut down anyone who excels or rises up, or stands out in any kind of way.
Now listen. If you connect with Jesus Christ and begin to listen to His dreams for your life, He will want you to stand
up and become a tall poppy. He wants you to be one. We say oh, I just want to blend in with the crowd. Where did
you get that idea? You're called to represent heaven. You're not called to go with the crowd and blend in with the
crowd. You're called to stand out and be different. You're called to stand up and bring something of God into the
earth. We're not called to be short poppies, we're called to be tall poppies. We're called to stand up, and stand out in
life, see? So this tall poppy syndrome, literally what it does is it takes away the desire of people to excel, and causes
everyone to just become mediocre, fit in with the crowd, go with the flow where everyone else is going. Listen, you're
not called to go with the flow. You're called to stand up, and make your life count for something, called to stand up,
and be different. Stand up, and fulfil the course that God has for you.
Now the thing is that happens is, when we connect with God and embrace His dreams for our life, there will be
additional put downs come just because of that. You have to understand that becoming a Christian - how many found
as a Christian you get people make fun of you, put you down? See. How many know they're watching you? You
make one mistake and they're onto you? See, that's a put down, because what they're trying to do is to take away
from you the calling, and the stature, that God has implanted right there in your spiritual DNA. You find that in
Genesis, Chapter 37 and in Verse 4. Just have a look at a couple of verses here, just so you won't b e surprised if you
begin to become a dreamer for God, if you begin to embrace God's dreams for your life, you're going to get some
extra tall poppy syndrome dished up to you, so you've got to learn how to handle it. Here it is here, Verse 4; When his
brothers saw their father loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him, and couldn't speak peaceably to him,
kept putting him down. And he had a dream, and he told it to his brothers, and they hated him even more, because of
the God-given dream in his life.
And his brothers - Verse 8 - said to him, shall you reign over us? Or have dominion over us? They hated - now notice
this - they hated him even more because of his dreams and the words he spoke. When you begin to stand up and
you live out the life God called you to and begin to speak out your dreams, you're going to have people come and put
you down. They will want to somehow stop you showing them up. They'll want somehow to bring you back down to
where they are, but there's something in you that's different. You weren't designed by God to just flow with the crowd.
You're designed to stand up, and be different, and you've got to choose to embrace what God says, who you are, and
what you can do, and not let the world push you down and say you're nobody. You're somebody destined to rule,
designed by God to rule.
Now listen, there's some sources of put down. I want to share with you three sources of put downs. I want to share
with you briefly the impact on their life, but most importantly how to get out of it when that put down comes. It's
already come, and it's going to come, don't worry about it, it's a stepping stones. The giants have breads for you, see,
bread to grow you. So three sources of put downs, here's number one. The first source of put downs really are
demons. Understand that the devil has been put down, literally. The devil was in a realm or occupied a realm in the