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iii) T all Poppy Syndrome:
· T all Poppy is a successful person or achiev er.
· T all Poppy Syndrome = Lords or nations that put down or equalize them into who stand out above others because o f excellen ce or achievement.
Origin – reaction to British class distinction, reaction to people who project an ego, self-importance or desire to impress others.
· Evolved – reaction to any person who stands out from others as excellent or achieving in their field.
· T PS is a manifest ation of bitterness and envy.
· Berry Franklin = “You cannot strengthen one by weakening another. You cannot add to the statue of a dwarf by cutting of the leg of a giant”.
· Envy = longing to possess what belongs to another.
· Jealousy – feeling of res entment that someone else has gained something you feel entitled to.
· Mark 15:10 - Pharisees manifested - T PS – envy of Jesus.
· T PS manifest when another person :
i) gets a new car
ii) gets promotion
iii) succeeds
iv) gets recognition
Who does he thing he is? Probably cheated.
· James 3:14 - Bitter envying and selfish ambition => T PS.
· 1 Corinthians 12:26 - One member is honored, all members rejoiced with it.
4. Dealing with Put Downs:
Psalm 18:14 - “The spirit of a man sustains his infirmity, but a broken spirit who can fear?”
· “Put Downs” impart a spirit of murder that:
i) Wounds the persons spirit.
ii) Imparts shame – loss of value and esteem.
iii) Destroys initiative and excellence.
iv) Removes people from God's positioning and shuts down their gifts.
· How you respond? – determines the course of your li fe.
· T wo Options:
i) Receive the words / spirit of put down, agree with them.
„I'm of no value'.
„I never do anything right'.
Once a person ag rees with the Put Down words they come into agreement with the demons behind them.
· T hey interpret all life / relationships through wrong belief.
· Innocent comments, actions are interpreted as Put Downs.
· Honest feedback is interpreted as Put Downs.
· Person is in agreement with the “Shame Message”.
· Need to:
- Repent of Agreement.
- Forgive and Bless those who cursed.
- Establish boundaries to Put Downs.
- Meditate on God's Word.
ii) Reject the Words / Spirit of Put Down:
· E.g. David; Jesus; Nehemiah.
· Agree with God's Words – encouraged.
· Minimize exposure to people who Put Down.
· Establish supportive relationships.
Philemon 6
If you connect with Jesus Christ and b egin to listen to His dreams for your life, He will want you to stand up and
become a tall poppy. He wants you to be one. You're called to represent heaven. You're called to stand out and be
different. You're called to stand up and b ring something of God into the earth.
Let's have a little look at a verse in Romans, Chapter 5, Verse 17. I want to speak on dealing with put downs, and I
want to give you some practical advice. I want to have a chance to minister to people - dealing with put downs. Who's
been put down ever? Oh, one or two. [Laughs] Its part of life, isn't it aye? But I want to share with you some things. I
want to pick it up from this morning, and I encourage you to just let your heart just be open to let God firstly, help you
see how you've responded to this, and secondly, what you can do to break out, because at the end of the day, you'll
either be where God has positioned you, and you chose to agree with Him, and stand there, or you'll be where other
people put you. Think about that.