Taming The Tongue HTML version

- God fully stands behind the words He speaks.
- We are designed to use words to create, impart life, release Spirit Power and Authority.
3. Don't Speak Empty Words:
· We have looked at:
i) Lying Words ii) Gossip Words iii) Put Down Words
· T hese release a spirit of murder and death that impacts people.
· Matthew 12:34-37 - “Every idle word that men speak, they will give account”.
- Words we speak reveal who we are – “As good as his word”.
- Words we speak are noted, recorded and hav e significance in the spirit world.
· “Idle” = 692 = without work, barren, yielding no return.
- words that we spoke but did not mean it.
- Words that we spoke but did not intend to ful fill.
- Words that were insincere, not genuine.
- Empty words – without significance or substance or content.
· Examples of „Empty Words' – they release a Spirit of Death:
· Death = distance, separation, coldness, distrust.
i) Flattery:
· Flattery = excessive or insincere praise.
= positive words spoken that conceal a hidden agenda.
· Agenda is usually to gain favour, gain knowledge, impress, please, placate.
· Proverbs 29:5 - “Men who flatters their neighbour spreads a net for feet”.
ii) Religious Words:
· Matthew 15:8 - Honour me with their lips but their heart is far from me”.
· Religious words – “sound nice”, “sound plausible” but have no spirit life.
· Saying the „right thing”.
iii) Lame excuses:
· 1 Samuel 15:24,25,30
· Lame excuse = failure to take responsibility and empty words to cover failure.
· Lame excuses for not coming to work, doing job, completing responsibility.
iv) Insincere Commitments:
· A commitment is a undertaking to ful fill some responsibility.
· E.g.: * Well meaning - meant to do it but forgot
* Vague - commitment lacks clarity
* Punctuality - commitment to be at place on time
* Reluctant - commitment under pressure – please
* Insincere - said to please person or get these „of
my back'.
- said „Yes' but really meant „No'.
4. Words Impact our World:
Numbers 23:19 - “God is not a man that He should lie….has He said and will He not do? Has He spoken and will He not make it good?”.
Works: * Establish your credibility
* Establish your character
* Establish your testimony as ambassador
* Establish standing before God
· Start small – repent of empty words – keep your word in small matters.
· Psalm 15:1-4 - Keep your commitments, honor your words.
The Tall Poppy Syndrome is the words and b ehaviours intended to cut people down who are achievers or excellen t in
their field in some kind of way. It originated as a reaction in New Zealand and Australia to the class system of
England and particularly the first place the tall poppy syndrome really began to express itself was against people who
thought they were m ore important or b etter than anyone else, or carried on like they were, or projected I'm better than
you. It started off as a reaction against the class system; now it's evolved. Now it's a reaction usually rooted in envy
against anyone who shows excellence or achievement or gets ahead in a field. It's envy. The root b ehind it is envy,
bitterness and envy.