Taming The Tongue HTML version

not said, and will He not do? Has He not said it, and will He not make it good? That's God. So we're called to be like
Him. He said it, do it! Said it, make it good! Said it, then do it - that's how God does it. Copy Him.
See, now your words will establish your credibility, so when you actually decide you're going to back up your words,
repent of empty words, so the first place to start is God, help me to see every time I say something that's empty. Just
quickly show me, so I can quickly repent of it. Help me to just zip m y lip, rather than say words that are empty, and if I
make commitments, help me to see how important it is to keep them, and to keep them like you would keep them.
Because we don't keep our word, and we don't experience people keeping their word, and we fi nd a lot of words are
empty and full of da-da-da-da, we find it real hard to believe that God would keep His word. We project our negative
experience onto God, and we have trouble believing if God says it, He's as good as His word. Say Amen! [Amen.]
Father, we just thank You right now that You're helping us in this whole realm of the words that we speak. Lord, we
are designed to speak words that create and bring new things into being. We're designed to speak words that impart
life and encouragement and lift people up. We're designed to speak words into our environment with authority, and
power, that shift things. Father, help us to be people like that, that speak those words. Father, show us every time we
speak empty words that we are insincere, have no inte ntion of keeping or actually fail to keep. Show us so we can
repent of them and put it good. Father, we pray You'll help us by showing us words which are deceptive and
dishonest, words which are gossipy and slanderous about others, words which put people d own. Lord, Holy Spirit, no
man can tame the tongue, but You can. Take hold of our tongue, that we might begin to move into realms in the spirit,
where we speak and things begin to change, where we lay hands on people, and speak to diseases, and the disease
responds to the words we've spoken; where we can lay hands and speak, and demons will listen to the words we
speak and respond, where we can speak over our office and work environment and things begin to change, things
which were covered, manifest and com e out, things which were controlling are defeated, and life comes into the
relationships, and the business. Father, that's the kind of people we're designed to be. That's the people we are.
We've just gone along with something else for a long time, so much it's become a habit. Help us to break the habit
and to stand up and be who we're called to be.
1. Introduction:
· James 3:3-8 - T he tongue directs the course of our life like a bridle or a rudder.
· T he words we speaks impacts our relationships, our personal health and destiny.
· T he words we agree with in our hearts and speak with our mouth shape our present and determine our future.
· Words are containers – they carry a „spirit' content.
Words are seeds – they are living seeds that produce fruit when spoken.
What words are you releasing into the world around.
2. Devine Design:
We are designed to be ambassadors of the Kingdom, speak and act on behalf o f God.
Ephesians 5:1 - “be followers of God as dear children”.
- Follower = 3402 = imitate, mimic, to speak and act like another.
- We are called to imitate our Heavenly Father – to speak and act like Him, represent Him.
How God uses Words - God speaks:
1. Words that Create:
· Hebrews 11:3 - “By faith we understand the words were formed by the word of God”.
· Framed = 2675 = to put in order, arrange, make what ought to be, completely finished.
· T he first recorded use o f words = words used to create something visible.
· Jesus did exactly this when He blessed the loaves and fish – Mark 6:41
· He spoke creatively into them and released a creative miracl e into the earth.
2. Words that Impart Life:
· John 6:63 - “The words I speak to you are spirit, they are life.
· Words are containers for what is in our spirit.
· When words are spoken their spirit content is felt – creates and impression.
· God uses words to nurture the spirit of people and to impart supernatural life.
· Jesus did this when He spoke to the man with the withered hand – Mark 3:5.
· He also did it when He spoke to discouraged disciples – Luke 4:32.
3. Words that Release Spiritual Authority:
· Luke 4:36 - “What a word is this, for with authority power He commands the unclean spirits and they come out”.
· Jesus spoke with authority – there was a weight, force behind His words.
· Jesus words released spiritual power that demons obeyed.
· Jesus spoke words to trees, storms, sickness, demons, dead men.
· His words carried a spiritual substance that altered the world around Him.
· He spoke words that He heard from His Father with faith they would work.
· We are called to imitate God:
- John 14:12 - He that believes in Me – the works that I do, he will do also”.
- Mark 1:22 - Have the faith o f God – Who ever says to this mountain “Be removed and be cast into the sea and does not doubt in his heart….”