Taming The Tongue HTML version

someone. It was pictured in a whole number of different ways; as rust eating people out, so the words that we speak
have tremendous negative impact, but the words we speak can have amazing, wonderful, positive impact.
We looked at some particular areas that God was wanting us to become sensitive to. Once the word is preached you
become aware of it, then you become sensitive to it, then the spirit of God can suddenly bring to your awareness,
whenever you're slipping with your mouth. We looked at the area of lying. We looked at the area of gossip and
slander. Last week we looked at the area of put down words, words that put you down and cause you to feel
devalued and a loss of esteem or shamed.
How many people have been really aware of the put down words around them this last week or so? Yeah, a lot of
people aware. How many have been aware in your own life, you start to catch yourself whenever you've said
anything that had a slight put down thing in it? How many started to find that? Great, that's wonderful. I found I
become much more alert to it, so I want to get into another area today and where we're leading to is we're going to be
looking at how God has designed us to function. So I want to start to sow something out on that today, how God has
designed us to operate, and then we're going to go into look at another kind of words which we're all guilty of, and
that area we'll look at is the empty words, empty words, insincere words, words that carry no substance.
So let's have a look in James, Chapter 3, pick up and begin to look into these Verses - Verse 3. Indeed we put a bit in
a horse's mouth, that they may obey us, and we turn thei r whole body. Look at ships: they're large, but they're driven
by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. Even so the tongue is a little
member, but it boasts great things. See how great a forest, a little fire kind les!
So you notice he's using some pictures here. You steer a big horse, you change the whole direction of its body by the
bridle, by getting a hold of its mouth. You see a ship, we change direction of a big ship just with a small rudder. What
he's saying is your life is turned about, if you can tame the tongue, and master the kinds of words you're speaking.
Now of course that, yeah, we can understand it with a horse, and we understand it with the ship. We really do find it a
lot more difficult to understand it from a spiritual perspective how this affects our life, but the Bible's very clear. If you
can shift a horse by tugging on its mouth, you can change your life by speaking different words. You can change your
life by speaking different words, and we talked about kinds of words that people speak. Words are containers. Words
are containers. There's not just words that are spoken. They actually carry something with them. That's why when
someone says something to you it sounds okay, but then you feel different afterwards. You can get off the phone with
someone and you feel quite down afterwards, you feel depressed. You don't even know why you're like that, but as
you evaluate it, you realise although the words seemed okay, the negativity and despair or offen ce in their heart was
downloaded to you. You pick up what is ministered from their heart, as we saw that people speak out of their heart,
their inner man, so what is in our spirit will always flow out of our mouth. The words that flow are containers. They
actually carry something.
Another place, the Bible says that the words we speak are seeds; a seed is very small, but if you just leave it'll
germinate and grow. You start to tell a lie about someone, pretty soon that lie springs up and grows and the person 's
whole relationship with that other person is changed. So words have great power to shift and change the way our
lives operate. Now I want us to look a little bit about how God designed us to operate, and we want to ask the
question, what words are you releasing into this world? What words are you speaking into this world? What words are
you reflecting?
Last week we were looking at the issue of whether you are an echo or whether you are a voice. An echo means
something is being repeated, that someone else said, and so we looked at your life, and many people are just
repeating what someone else said about them. Many people just reflect - you were put down, you were told you were
an idiot, told you couldn't do this, couldn't do that. It got into your mind an d heart. In the end you begin to echo what
was told to you, and that begins to now determine your life course. You are in agreement with it, and you're speaking
it, it's where you're going. If we're going to change our life, we need to come into agreement with the words God says
about us, the words God says about our life, the words God says about who we are, what we have, what we can do.
We need to agree with what God says, and give voice to what God says. When you agree with what God says, and
give voice to what God says, the power of heaven is released. Your life changes.
How does a person get saved? How does a person get out of the power of sin, and change their eternal destiny for
an eternal destiny without God, an eternal destiny separated from God, to rmented forever? How do they change, and
end up with a destiny which is eternal, it's walking with God, enjoying this life on the earth? Simply this: words. Words
from God get in your heart. You believe Him, and speak Him, and then heaven hears, and your l ife changes! So if
such an important thing as my eternal destiny can be changed by the words I believe and speak, how much more will
the rest of my life be affected, in exactl y the same way? It's just because we have a western non -spirit world view, we