Taming The Tongue HTML version

Hasty Words (7 of 12) Hasty words always have bad consequences. Words spoken out of inflamed emotions. Have
you ever found afterwards you've had to say I wish I hadn't said that? When our emotions are stirred, we get angry,
we get wound up on the inside, we say and do things we later regret. Anger is a strong, violent feeling. It is the seed
that gives rise to murder. Be angry but do not sin. It becomes sin when we don't resolve it.
Verbal Abuse (8 of 12) How many know we live in a culture that really puts people down? If we don't break out of
things which are spoken against us, then those negative words spoken in our life which we agree with will soon
speak, and begin to set the course of our destiny.
Power of the Tongue (9 of 12) One of the biggest difficulties all marriages and families struggle with is the failure of
men to actually speak words that give value, identity, purpose and encouragement to their wife and their children.
Marriages languish for lack of words like plants languish for lack of water. Relationships languish for lack of words.
They just wither. Use words to build relationships.
Wise Words (10 of 12) When God wants to change something in the natural world, He always gets someone to
speak, because words are the way the power of God is released from the spirit world into the natural world. Death
and life are in the power of the tongue. Your tongue has power. With our tongue we express our words, ideas,
feelings, and fears. If there's bitterness/anger or doubt/limitation in your heart, you'll express it through your tongue.
Change on the inside, then you'll start to see the things change on the outside. Internal shifts first.
Shaping Your Own World (11 of 12) You know you've heard the old saying: sticks and stones will break my bones but
names will never hurt me? Not true, because long after the bones have been fixed, the words and names you've
been called are still ringing inside you like a message that won't go away, defining who you are. You cannot let what
other people say define who you are. Let God define who you are. He's designed you and through relationship with
Him, you begin to embrace what He has to say, and your life comes up to a different level.
Creative Power of the Tongue (12 of 12) Atmosphere is the prevailing influence that's around; it can't be seen but it
can be felt. An atmosphere can affect your whole life, your quality of life. You can either thrive in it or be destroyed in
it. Atmosphere gets polluted, it affects you very, very seriously.